Five WHS Students Accepted for Honor Choir

By Trevor Dye

Five Wiggins High School students were among the forty students who were accepted into honor choir. The five that were selected were: Maddy Shepherd, Lacey Eikenberg, Dolphus Grindle, Bernie Kopetzky, and Becky Kopetzky.

“The auditions were pretty hard, but I think I did well,” said sophomore Maddy Shepherd. Shepherd was one of the five who made it into honor choir. She was selected by Jerry Anderson, the judge of the auditions, and was very happy to be selected.

Other  students who participated in auditioning were Ryan Marting and Braedyn Rix; they were among the few students who didn’t make it.  “I did decent, but it wasn’t my best singing, and I could have done better,” said Rix. 

For the auditions, the students recorded their singing, and then they sent it to Jerry Anderson to see if they were one of the lucky few who made it in. The students will get out of school all day, and put on a concert in the night.

The Voices director Mr. Everett was very proud of all of his students, and was very proud of the ones who made it in. “I’m very happy that such a large group from the school made it into Honor Choir,” said Everett.

The Honor Choir Concert will be held on the night of January 13 at Haxtun High School.


Lady Tigers Start Season 1-1

By Trevor Dye

The Wiggins Lady Tigers won their first basketball game December 3 against the Weldona Warriors and lost the next day against Brush. The Tigers are persevering through their season and have very high hopes for their upcoming games. The ladies have improved a lot from last year’s season, according to sophomore Faythe Harris.

Senior post Shelby Teague thinks that the Lady Tigers will win a lot of games this year, but she doesn’t want to look too far ahead in the season. “We did very well against Weldona, but we need to work on the little things,” said Teague.

According to Teague, the little things like team chemistry and slowing down are what caused the Wiggins Tigers to lose the game against Brush. Junior Brittany Robinson feels that boxing out, improving shooting, and lowering their turnovers is what caused the loss.

“I’m happy we won, but we could have played a lot better,” said Robinson. She hopes that the team will be able to make it to state this year, and wants to beat the record from last year.

“We had many strong points in the game against Weldona,” sophomore point guard Laura Walker said. “We played well as a team, we ran our offence very well, and we played as a team, not as individuals.” Walker hopes to bring up their rankings, win districts, and get a chance to play at the state tournament.

The Tigers next play the Weld Central Rebels December 19 in an away game, followed by a game the next day at home against the Byers Bulldogs.

Merry Christmas to You

By Brooke Bostron

Christmas is a time full of cheer, love, and joy, a chance to spend quality time with those you love, and possibly exchange a gift or two. Each year many of families celebrate with their traditions. One of the most common traditions is Santa sneaking in your house the night of Christmas Eve and leaving presents for boys and girls to open on Christmas morning.  Christmas is then generally followed by a lunch or dinner with all your relatives.

There are many other traditions, though. “As a family, we eat our Christmas dinner on the 24th church before we eat. We then feast on tamales and Mexican hot chocolate,” senior Daniel Faudoa said. “Then we all sit around and wait until midnight, and at midnight we say our goodbyes then go to sleep. When the youngsters wake up, they open their gifts and we just spend the whole day together as a family.” Faudoa also noted that he is finally able to help play the role of “Santa” in his house.

Junior Shelby Hart spends her Christmas a little differently. “We go to my aunt’s house in Fort Morgan. My family is pretty crazy; we do one insanely dangerous thing each year. One year we got airsoft guns and had a full-out war in the house. Needless to say, a lot of things got broken. The next year we blew stuff up in the yard. Last year, we found a pickup hood and tied it to the back of a pickup. Then we went “surfing” to see who could go the fastest and stay on,” said Hart. She also noted that they eat a Christmas lunch, and on Christmas morning they just open presents and drink coffee.

As students finish finals and leave for Christmas break, they are leaving behind the entire school year of 2013 in the past. People will be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s all in a few short weeks. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tiger Boys Basketball Wins Winter Classic Tournament

By Jade Crandall

Wiggins varsity boys’ basketball team won the annual Wiggins winter classic tournament on December 13 and 14. The Tigers beat Frontier Academy Friday night, which advanced them to the championship game on Saturday. The team then beat Greeley Central in the tournament championship.

According to senior Levi Shutts, the team’s strategies were to practice their new defense and work on moving the offense, and once they got the hang of it, it worked pretty well.

Senior Terran Freauff and sophomore Tucker Teague agreed that the team played hard and had good defense, which helped them to take home the wins. The team expected to win. “Since they were JV teams, there was no reason for us not to win,” said Freauff.

Although the boys won, they had some struggles that they had to overcome in order for them to prevail. Shutts, Freauff, and Teague all agreed that it was hard for them to get pumped up for the championship game because they were playing a JV team. “We were flat and had no intensity to start, so we had to work to overcome that,” said Shutts.

The boys’ JV team took fourth at the tournament. As for the girls’ teams, JV took second place and varsity took third.

The team said that they were happy with the win and that they felt like they did what they needed to do as a team to become the champions.

The boys hope to score another win away against Weld Central on Thursday, December 19. There will be boys’ and girls’ C, JV, and varsity games starting at 4:00 P.M. that day.

Tiger Wrestling Team Starts Season Strong

By Faythe Harris

Senior Danny McCombs chooses top position after starting a new period at the Akron wrestling tournament. McCombs placed third at this tournament.

Senior Danny McCombs chooses top position after starting a new period at the Akron wrestling tournament. McCombs placed third at this tournament.

The start of sports seasons can sometimes cause a struggle, but not for the wrestling team this year. The guys have had their first two tournaments in the past two weekends. “Everyone has decided to show up and get their jobs done even though it is the beginning of the season,” said senior Danny McCombs.

The first tournament was in Akron on December 7. Four of the eight wrestlers on the team placed in this tournament. Senior Tryston Keefe placed first at 152’s, junior Matt Ewertz placed fourth at 182’s, senior Steven Leon also placed fourth at 220’s, and senior Danny McCombs placed third at 160’s.

The Limon Tournament this past weekend had similar results. Keefe again placed first at 152’s, and Leon again placed fourth at 220’s. McCombs, however, increased his placing and received a second place at 160’s, and sophomore Dillon Donaghy placed fourth at 170’s. The team as a whole placed sixth out of twenty-six.

“It was really cool to place that high with an eight-man team,” Leon said about their team’s success.

With these two tournaments in the books, the wrestlers’ rankings for state are starting to be released. Keefe is currently in fifth at 152’s, Leon is currently in ninth at heavyweights, and McCombs is eighth at 160’s.

The team’s next tournament will be this weekend in Brush. “We are looking forward to wrestling and hopefully placing as a team,” said Leon.

Finals Week Blues

By Daniel Faudoa

Full of blood, sweat, tears and maybe even some paper cuts, finals week is a mix of many different emotions. Students are studying for their tests and preparing for the end of a semester. Stress levels are at all new high and students must find a way to relieve this stress.

Last year, Wiggins High School allowed students with an 85 percent or higher to have a choice in doing a final in that class or just keeping their current grade. This year that choice was taken away. “Students are going to have to take finals in college anyway,” said social studies teacher Casey Clay. “So they must start learning how to take them now.”

Clay said he is happy with the new system of finals because he can now test the top students to see if they have actually learned something from him. It also serves as a review of the semester and will give students a fresh start for the next semester.

Senior Shae Seiber said she has found a way to relieve some of the finals week stress. She decided to set time aside for studying every day for that week. Even if it is a couple of minutes she still sets that time aside. Seiber also said she goes to bed extra early so that she will not feel tired throughout the day.

Junior Victoria Medrano was not very happy to hear about the change in finals for this year. “I would try so much harder before so that I wouldn’t have to do finals,” said Medrano. “Now I just want to get the grade to pass, and other students do not work as hard.”

Now, to make your lives somewhat easier during finals week, listen up or actually read carefully. Take your time and study, make sure you have a binder with all the assignments, do not cram study, do not stay up late studying and then get no sleep, and last but not least, stay calm and try your best. Good luck on your finals and have a wonderful break.

December Senior of the Month: Ashley Motley

By Laura Walker


Ashley Motley, this month’s Senior of the Month, is a varsity basketball player; a member of FBLA, History Club, Drama and, Voices; and was the volleyball manager this year. She is also the president of the International Club and Student Council.

Motley has been in the basketball program for four years, and she has lettered for three years. “I didn’t realize that the game against Weldona was my last, first basketball game until after it was over; then I was sad,” said Motley.

Wiggins won that game, but Motley did not put up any points for the team. There have been two coaches for basketball that Motley has played under, and she said that they all bring something new to offer, but she feels that it is going to be the hardest to leave this coach, Roni Whitman, behind because she coached Motley her senior year, and the team unity that has been needed is finally there.

Along with basketball, Motley is also very avid about the drama program. She has been in five plays throughout her high school career. She also did a small play in her drama class sophomore year. She says that the plays have helped her a lot with studies since it helps her to memorize things easier. “I regret not doing plays my freshman year, and knowing I only have one more left makes the feeling even worse,” Motley said.

Ryan Marting, a junior at Wiggins High School, has been in five plays with Motley. Marting feels that she helped him with little techniques that helped to portray his characters on stage better. Marting said, “Ashley, whether she was on or off the stage, was the same fun-loving Ashley.”

Now that her high school career is nearly over, Motley plans to go to Aims Community College and get her business degree, and then she plans to transfer to Colorado State University to study psychology. She said that the main thing that she learned in high school is that education is the key to everything. She believes in that saying and wants to thank Doctor Saulmon for giving her that goal to live by.

She said, “These four years haven’t been the best four years of my life, but they have prepared me for the real world.”