Lady Tigers Fall to Yuma Lady Indians

By Trevor Dye

Senior Anabelle Celis blocks a pass from a Yuma Lady Indian during Tuesday's home game. The Lady Tigers lost 28 to 68.

Senior Anabelle Celis blocks a pass from a Yuma Lady Indian during Tuesday’s home game. The Lady Tigers lost 28 to 68.

The Wiggins Lady Tigers lost to the Yuma Indians 28 to 68 in a home game on Tuesday, January 28. The Lady Tigers were upset with their loss but hope they can learn from the loss and improve from it.

“We played a really good team, and we did better than normal. We just have some things to work on,” said sophomore guard Laura Walker. Walker feels that they did a really good job at boxing out, but she thinks they need to lower the amount of turnovers and get better at shooting.

The Lady Tigers were able to keep up with the Indians in the first quarter; the score then was 12 to 9. In the second quarter the Tigers stated slowly falling behind with the score ending 19 to 28 at the half. As the game advanced, the Indians were able to take the lead early in the third quarter. The third quarter ended with a score of 21 to 49. By the end of the game, the Indians were able to keep their lead, and win the game.

Senior point guard Ashley Motley believes that the team didn’t play very well and they didn’t communicate enough. “I think I played well; it was one of my best games of the season,” said Motley.  Motley agrees with Walker that the team does need to cut down on the amount of turnovers in the game, and they need to work on shooting.

Motley hopes that the Lady Tigers can turn their season around by practicing the little things to become better. They hope that they will be able to win their upcoming game against the Wray Eagles.

The Tigers will play the Wray Eagles in Wray on Friday, January 31, starting with the JV at 4:00.


Farm Show Field Trip Cancelled

By Jade Crandall

The Wiggins FFA chapter was supposed to attend the 2014 Colorado Farm Show on January 29, but due to a rule change, they will not be going.

It is no secret that the FFA attends the National Western Stock Show every year on FFA day. This day is the last week of Stock Show, and the members miss a day of school for the trip.

The Colorado Farm Show, which the chapter also goes to, is held in Greeley the week following Stock Show. It is a three-day celebration of agriculture where businesses and supporters gather to exhibit their products and support for the industry. “It is a great way for the members to network with people and businesses involved in the industry,” said senior Shelby Teague, who has attended the past three years.

There has been some concern that the members miss too many days of school within a short period of time while visiting these two events. Because of that concern, the Wiggins High School administration came up with a rule last year stating the chapter could only miss one day of school between the two events. In order to follow this rule, the chapter would either have to attend the Stock Show on a non-school day, or choose only one event to attend.

According to FFA advisor Rockie Ernst, either the message was never given to the Ag department or there was confusion when the message was relayed, because when it came time to schedule the trips, the FFA went on as usual. They attended the Stock Show on FFA day, and then when it came time for the Farm Show, they were denied permission to go.

For the upperclassmen, they are missing out on an opportunity to visit with colleges and see what the future could hold for them in agriculture. For the freshmen that have not gone before, they are missing a great opportunity to see what is out there in the agriculture industry which could help them develop ideas for their SAE’s, said senior Braedyn Rix.

“It is important that we understand what is happening so that we can plan accordingly so that this doesn’t happen again,” said Ernst.

Freshman Cameron Holm said that he was disappointed to miss out on the opportunity this year, but he hopes they can get the rules clarified so that he can go next year.

Wiggins Runners Compete in Boulder

By Shelby Teague

Two Wiggins High School runners attended their first indoor track meet on Saturday, January 25, in Boulder. Over 20 teams showed up to compete in this event, most of which were clubs that travel around Colorado competing in these events.

Among the individuals competing for the Wiggins team was junior Lexi Ashbrook. She competed in the 200 meter and 60 meter dash, and she was very proud of her performance. “I did pretty well, considering it`s so early in the year. It should give me a good advantage in outdoor track,” said Ashbrook.  Ashbrook says her favorite part about track is that it is a fast-paced, individual sport which allows her to excel. Throughout her years in high school, Ashbrook has been very active on the outdoor track, competing at state in the sprint medley, four by one, and four by two competitions.

Freshman Maggie Allen also competed in this event. “I had a really strong performance, and I’m looking forward to this year`s track season,” said Allen. Allen competed in the 1500 meters, running a 5:56. Allen said she is looking forward to competing at the high school level this year.  “It seems a lot different from middle school track, and I`m excited about being able to be a part of that.”

Look for both of these individuals to be competing on the Wiggins High School track team this season.  Although this was the only indoor meet they will compete at this season, the outdoor track season kicks off March 8 in Fort Morgan.

Science Classes Receive New Pets

By Faythe Harris

In the past week, science teacher Jerris Van Roekel purchased some new additions for his classroom: a Chinese water dragon, a red-eared slider turtle, and glow fish. Van Roekel has always had enjoyed having animals in his classroom. “I just like having something living in the room; I guess I kind of get bored,” said Van Roekel about his pets.

Van Roekel had a bearded dragon at the beginning of the year; he has taken a turn for the worse. Van Roekel took the lizard to his home where it can die in peace. He then replaced the bearded dragon with a red-eared slider turtle. The aquarium has undergone some serious changes because of the new type of animal that will be residing in it from now on. The Earth systems class fourth hour has been taking care of most of these adjustments. Before, the aquarium consisted of a heated rock and some sand, but now it is almost halfway full of soil, and there has been a river and a pond installed. “It was really fun to be involved in this adventure with my fellow classmates,” said junior Justin Peggram, a student in the Earth systems class, about the renovations of the aquarium.

The other aquarium has been empty since the beginning of the year due to the loss of the long-tailed lizard that Van Roekel had earlier this year. That lizard was fed crickets, and in a turn of events the crickets actually consumed the lizard. In its place, Van Roekel purchased a Chinese water dragon. So far this lizard had been able to hold his own against the crickets.

Van Roekel has also just acquired some new fish for his fish tank. The type of fish he got are called glow fish. They have a gene that makes them glow in the dark. “They don’t have an educational purpose. Their main point is to create interest and so the kids have something to look at,” says Van Roekel.

The animals so far have not had any issues in their new habitats, and Van Roekel is working to make sure they have all they need.

Wiggins Boys Fall to Yuma


Senior Levi Shutts sends a bounce pass to sophomore Kaeson Risner during Tuesday’s game against Yuma. The Tigers lost 45-63.

By Shelby Teague

The Wiggins boys’ basketball team faced off against their league rival Yuma on Tuesday, January 28. The Tigers were defeated 45-63, but the players and coaches both had positive things to say about the teams’ performance.

Junior Taylor Rider was a key player off the bench Tuesday night, with 8 points and 10 assists.  ”We played well, a lot better than our last few games,” said Rider. “We shot well, rebounded, and played like a team.”  He said that this was a huge improvement, and teamwork had a lot to do with it.

Coach Kevin Olsen also felt the team chemistry had improved in comparison to many of this season`s games.  “They came out and played tonight. Yuma is a tough team this year, but we stayed with them.” He added that building team chemistry is a work in progress, especially with such a young team. “With three sophomores starting varsity, we still have a lot to learn,” said Olsen.

The three sophomores, Kaeson Risner, Tucker Teague, and Austin Dinis, have proved to be leading scorers throughout the season for the Tigers.  “I feel like they have a lot of talent, but just need more experience on the court. It will come with time,” said Olsen.

The Wiggins Tigers are currently sitting ninth in league standings, but they hope to improve their record this weekend, taking on the Wray Eagles at Wray on Friday and the Haxton Bulldogs at home on Saturday.

FFA students Show at National Western Stock Show

By Jade Crandall

Four  Wiggins FFA Members participated in the 2014 National Western Stock Show. Senior Shelby Teague, junior Amanda Sears, sophomore Tucker Teague, and freshman Charlee Teague were the students that showed.

The students put a lot of work in throughout the lives of their animals to prepare them for the show. “Every day you have to have to make sure the feed is right and that they are exercised and worked. It may seem like a lot of work to some people, but it is definitely worth it,” said Shelby.

Shelby exhibited two sheep, three goats, and a pig. She placed third, fourth, and fifth with her three goats. She also received third with one of her sheep and sixth with her pig. As her last year being able to show at the Stock Show, she said it went well, but could have gone better.

Sears showed two pigs and two steers. She placed fourth with one pig, and fifth and seventh with her two steers. Sears said that she felt good about the show and that her steers handled well. She also agreed with Shelby, saying, “The work really paid off; fourth at stock show is really good.”

Tucker showed two pigs, but didn’t quite have the success he was looking for. He placed sixth with one of his pigs and the other one hurt its foot and didn’t place. Tucker said that it was the worst he has ever done at a show and he was disappointed.

Charlee showed one pig, with which she placed sixth; three goats, placing fourth with all three; and a heifer that she placed third with. She also showed a sheep that she didn’t place with. While at the stock show, Charlee also competed in a showmanship class with one of her goats and placed fourth. Overall, Charlee thought she did well at the show.

While these students were at Stock Show, freshman Roxanne Bashor was at a dog show in Portland, Oregon. She showed her Australian cattle dog, Leia, at the five-day show, where she placed first, second, and fourth in three of her showmanship classes. She also received “best of breed” overall in her confirmation class. “Overall, this was one of my best shows,” said Bashor.

Lone Survivor Steals Hearts of Viewers

By Shelby Teague

If you`re planning on going to see a movie this month, Lone Survivor should be at the top of your list.  This action packed film tells the story of four Navy SEALs on a mission to take down a high-level Al-Qaeda operative. When faced with an impossible moral decision, the group is forced into a life-or-death survival situation, which eventually leads to the failure of the mission. This movie, based on the best-selling novel written by Marcus Luttrell, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time.  It also features an outstanding cast led by Mark Walhberg (Ted) and Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights).

According to senior Terran Freauff, the movie lived up to expectations.  “The movie seemed very real, you could tell they didn’t hide anything from viewers,” said Freauff.  It even inspired Freauff to read the book, which is something he said is rare.  “I don’t usually read books, but this one is really good.”

This movie is a true testament to the selflessness of the brave men and women who fight for our country.  These four men risked everything in order to make their country a safer place. It also gives you a glimpse into the brotherhood among these men and how they would risk everything for one another.

Although I’ll be the first to admit I am no fan of most action movies, I have to say Lone Survivor has something for everyone.  Not only does it feature a great cast, but the events and effects in this movie are fantastic. If you are an American citizen looking to see a new movie, Lone Survivor is the movie for you.