Missoula Children`s Theater Comes to Wiggins

By Shelby Teague

A packed house turned out to watch the Wiggins Elementary Students perform “Hansel and Gretel” on Friday, February 14.  The production was part of over 1300 plays put on the Missoula Children’s Theatre each year.  The company travels throughout the country putting long week-long productions for schools and communities across the nation.

On Monday afternoon, students auditioned for the parts that they would play later that week. Then came a week-long schedule of rehearsals leading up to a performance Friday night.  “It was really fun to watch the auditions, to see the kids come out of their shells,” said elementary principal Tara Boyer.  Boyer, whose family has been part of five other Missoula productions, brought the theater company to Wiggins. “I felt it would be a great experience for the kids; my experience has always been positive.”

Wiggins High School senior Terran Freauff`s brother Truett starred in the production.  “I was really impressed that kids that age had the confidence to get on stage and perform in front of an audience,” said Freauff.  He added that he was impressed by the hard work put in throughout the week.

Zane Wolfswinkle and Allison Holdcroft led the cast starring as a modern-day Hansel and Gretel.  During the play, the two young actors were transformed from a real-life version of themselves into a storybook version.  Here, they had to find their way through the forest without encountering the Wildwood Witch, played by Tasha Hansen.  Throughout the play, the two also came into contact with numerous other characters, all played by Wiggins Elementary School students.

According to Boyer, The Missoula Children`s theater will be returning to Wiggins for many years to come.


Winter Dance Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

By Daniel Faudoa

Winter Dance Fail

The Wiggins High School winter dance was cancelled on February 5, two days before the date of the dance.  According to Casey Clay, student council sponsor and history teacher, the decision to cancel the dance was made between the administration, Student Council leaders, and himself.

“There is a huge lack of student participation this year,” said Clay.  “The students had three weeks to buy and sell tickets for the dance, and only three were sold.”  The main reason that the dance was cancelled was because of the poor ticket purchases.  Throughout the whole school, flyers were hung up announcing the dance. Student council members were going around the school and selling tickets, but only three tickets were purchased.

“It is sad to see that our student participation is so low,” said senior Ashley Motley, student council president.  Motley planned to go to the dance with her would be date senior, Levi Shutts. According to Motley, everything was ready to go and everyone was all ready to get the decorations put up after the middle school dance ended the night before.  In the end, they cancelled the dance, cancelled the DJ, and had to refund the money to the three students that actually purchased tickets.

“There was one plus side,” said Clay.  The decorations are new and now they can be used for a future occasion.  They can be used for a future dance, or just another event that requires decorations.  That way nothing goes to waste and it was not a complete loss.

Wiggins Tigers Basketball Boys Defeat Wray Eagles

By Laura Walker

The Wiggins Tigers boys’ varsity basketball team won their game against the Wray Eagles at Wray on Saturday, February 16.

“I feel that as a team we played well, but we still made some dumb mistakes,” said senior guard Terran Freauff. The team was up quick in the game, but not by a large margin. They were only up by seven points at the end of the first period, with the score of thirteen to six.

The boys felt the team played really well on offense this game, according to junior Justin Peggram. The leading scorers were sophomore Kaeson Risner with twenty-three points, sophomore Tucker Teague with sixteen points, and senior Terran Freauff with sixteen points. “The defense was also pretty good, but the offense was a better part of the game,” said Peggram.

Freauff felt that the team is improving but that they are still making the same mistakes that they always make. The biggest issue that the team had was having a hard time hitting their shots. According Peggram the team did really well with passing the ball around and getting the other team’s defense out of sync, and being able to get their inside shots. The team won the game overall with a score of sixty four to forty.

The boys lost to Akron on Tuesday February 18, by twenty-seven points. The boys are set to play the Union Colony Timberwolves on Friday, February 21, at around six o’clock.

Dalton Risner Attends All-American Bowl

By Faythe Harris

Dalton Risner attends the All American Bowl

Hometown hero Dalton Risner and 49 other chosen football players competed in the All-American Bowl in Arlington, Texas, on February 7, 2014. This is the second bowl that Risner has attended this year. At both of these games, Risner was named starting center and was a team captain. “It felt really good to get invited, let alone be a captain,” said Risner. “It was like all my childhood dreams were coming true.”

Risner played with Team USA against Team Canada in Arlington. His team won 44 to 7. Risner played as starting center, but had to alternate with the other center on the team. Risner said that he had a good game and was proud that all of his hard work had paid off. The team had been practicing twice a day all week starting at 5:30 in the morning.

Risner also received a surprise the day before his game. Friends and teammates Kolvyn Baessler and Terran Freauff flew in to watch him. Risner walked into his hotel lobby after a morning practice to find his friends sitting there. “His reaction was absolutely perfect and exactly what we had hoped for,” said Freauff. The two boys were able to make this trip down to Arlington because of the generous acts of Susie Bostron. She was able to get them stand-by tickets; otherwise they would have not have been able to go, said Freauff.

“The biggest part of this experience for me was mainly the memories and the confidence,” said Risner. “I met some of the coolest people that I ever will in my life and made memories that I will have the rest of my life.” Risner is also now officially signed with Kansas State University, and is looking forward to attending and playing football this coming fall.

LULAC Finally Makes It to Metro

By Daniel Faudoa

After having to reschedule and then delay their trip, the Wiggins High School LULAC club took their journey to Metropolitan State University of Denver on Tuesday, February 11. A total of thirteen LULAC members attended.

The original plan was to take the trip Thursday, February 6, but there was a mix-up with all the other field trips and there were not enough bus drivers to go around.  Then on Tuesday it was so foggy in the morning that school was delayed for two hours and the trip was on the verge of being cancelled.  In the end, LULAC got to reschedule and made it out of Wiggins at around nine in the morning on the 11.  “Having to reschedule was very frustrating because it was a lot of work to set up the tour with the college,” said Mario Garcia, Spanish teacher and LULAC sponsor.  Garcia was not notified of the shortage of bus drivers until the day before the scheduled date.

A major part of this trip was to get students the information they needed to hear to motivate their future decisions. “I was hoping to get more information about Metro’s CAMP program,” said Leslye Celis, senior.  CAMP stands for College Assistance Migrant Program.  This program is designed to help migrant students whose parents are seasonal farm workers with academic, financial, and social needs to pursue a higher education.  She was not going to even apply to Metro because she did not believe she would be eligible for the CAMP program, said Celis. But after the visit she was informed of the requirements and is now dedicated to finish her Metro application.

Through this visit, many students also got information on scholarships and opportunities that they did not know they had.  “The purpose of this trip was to inspire kids to do better in their high school classes and be motivated to pursue a higher education,” said Garcia.  Throughout the tour and the CAMP offices they got the chance to speak to some of the current students about their experiences.

This will not be the only college that LULAC will visit this year.  Many students want to visit more campuses to see the differences in what they have to offer.  Some possible visits include Colorado State University, University of Denver, and University of Colorado Boulder.  There was newfound interest in college for many LULAC members, according to Garcia.

Lady Tigers Defeat Merino Rams

By Trevor Dye

The Lady Tigers defeated the Merino Rams 53-49 in an away game on Friday, February 7. The Lady Tigers were excited with their win and hope to continue improving and win more games, said point guard Anabelle Celis.

“I think we played better than we usually do, and the game was a lot of fun because we knew what we were doing in the game,” said senior Celis. Celis believes that the team played very well, and she was pleased that the team was able to make their shots and free throws. She thinks that if the team could lower the amount of turnovers in the game, they would win more games.

The matchup between the Rams and Tigers was very close throughout the whole game. In the first quarter, the score ended 14-17 with the Rams leading. The Tigers were able to catch up and tie the game in the second quarter; at halftime the score was 28-28. In the third quarter, the Lady Tigers took control of the game; the third quarter ended with a score of 42-37. The Lady Tigers were able to hold their lead until the end of the game, causing them to win 53-49.

“We played very well; everyone was working together as a team,” said junior shooting guard Brittany Robinson. Robinson hopes to improve as a team the rest of the season, and win more games in the future.

The Lady Tigers play the Sedgwick County Cougars in an away game on Wednesday, February 12, starting at 4:00.

Wiggins Sends 25 FBLA Members to State

By Laura Walker

The Wiggins FBLA chapter went to their district conference at Northeastern Junior College on February 6. Twenty-five of the thirty-three members placed high enough to ensure a spot at the state conference.

“Obviously the conference went really well,” said Dave Croissant, the advisor for the Wiggins chapter. Allison Kopetzky, a freshman and also the secretary for the Wiggins chapter, is going to state and said she is really excited for the experience. Kopetzky made it to state with her individual event and in her group event, but members can only participate in one type of event at state. Kopetzky will be participating in the group event, Banking and Financial Systems, with her group members Tryston Keefe and Ellyna Vann, who took first in that category at districts. “I am also excited to hang out with people from other grade levels and schools,” said Kopetzky.

Of the groups that were entered into the district competition, only Brianna Virgil and Kamryn Sirios’ group presentation in Entrepreneurship did not make the placing to qualify for state. They took fourth in that category, but in order to make it to state in group they must place first or second. In individual events, in order to qualify for state, the person must place third or higher.

Croissant expects all the members going to state to try their best, and he and the members will hope for the best. Kaeson Risner, a sophomore, is the only one of the twenty-five qualifiers that is going to state in an individual event; the rest of the competitors will be going in group events. The state conference will be held in Vail on April 27-29.