LULAC Finally Makes It to Metro

By Daniel Faudoa

After having to reschedule and then delay their trip, the Wiggins High School LULAC club took their journey to Metropolitan State University of Denver on Tuesday, February 11. A total of thirteen LULAC members attended.

The original plan was to take the trip Thursday, February 6, but there was a mix-up with all the other field trips and there were not enough bus drivers to go around.  Then on Tuesday it was so foggy in the morning that school was delayed for two hours and the trip was on the verge of being cancelled.  In the end, LULAC got to reschedule and made it out of Wiggins at around nine in the morning on the 11.  “Having to reschedule was very frustrating because it was a lot of work to set up the tour with the college,” said Mario Garcia, Spanish teacher and LULAC sponsor.  Garcia was not notified of the shortage of bus drivers until the day before the scheduled date.

A major part of this trip was to get students the information they needed to hear to motivate their future decisions. “I was hoping to get more information about Metro’s CAMP program,” said Leslye Celis, senior.  CAMP stands for College Assistance Migrant Program.  This program is designed to help migrant students whose parents are seasonal farm workers with academic, financial, and social needs to pursue a higher education.  She was not going to even apply to Metro because she did not believe she would be eligible for the CAMP program, said Celis. But after the visit she was informed of the requirements and is now dedicated to finish her Metro application.

Through this visit, many students also got information on scholarships and opportunities that they did not know they had.  “The purpose of this trip was to inspire kids to do better in their high school classes and be motivated to pursue a higher education,” said Garcia.  Throughout the tour and the CAMP offices they got the chance to speak to some of the current students about their experiences.

This will not be the only college that LULAC will visit this year.  Many students want to visit more campuses to see the differences in what they have to offer.  Some possible visits include Colorado State University, University of Denver, and University of Colorado Boulder.  There was newfound interest in college for many LULAC members, according to Garcia.


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