Valentine’s Day: A Joy for All Involved

By Shelby Teague

As the resounding love of the current couples here at Wiggins High School echoes through the halls on Friday the 14th, their eternal love for each other will be shown for all to see. Whether you have plans with a special someone or plan to spend the night watching chick-flicks with your best friend, Valentine’s has something for everyone.

The historical roots of this holiday began in Ancient Rome. A saint named Valentine defied the Roman emperor at the time, Claudius II, who declared that no young men could be married, as single men made better soldiers.  Well, Saint Valentine married young couples anyway and was put to death.

While the historical meanings of this holiday are much different from its current day status, it is still celebrated by many.  Sophomore Faythe Harris shared her opinions on the holiday. “Valentine’s Day is pointless; if you care about someone a lot you should show them every day,” said Harris.  Regional wrestling will be cutting into her Valentine`s Day plans, but Harris said her favorite part of Valentine’s day is all the cute ideas on Twitter and Pinterest on how to show your love for your significant other. “I don’t like it, but might as well look at what other people do. It’s cute to see how sweet some guys actually are.”

PDA Officer Cody Corsentino said that Valentine’s Day is one of his favorite times of year. “Keeping couples six inches apart, out of reach, and out of trouble is what I live to do,” said Corsentino. He also added that he dislikes everything about Valentine’s Day, from the boxes of chocolates to displays of affection.  He would also like to leave a warning to all students at WHS that no PDA will be tolerated on Friday.

So whether you have major plans this holiday, plan to crack down on PDA, or will be spending a lonely night at home watching Netflix, just remember that the day will not last forever.



Middle School Wrestlers Prepare for Season

By Faythe Harris

The Wiggins Tigers Middle School wrestling team started practice Monday, January 27. The team has to practice at 6:00 in the morning because the high school wrestling team uses the wrestling room in the afternoons. There are currently seven boys out for the team.

“I see a lot of potential in the boys I have seen so far,” said Dave Crossiant, the head coach of the team. Crossiant will be coaching without an assistant this year; this is also his first year of coaching the middle school team. Chris Panabaker, the high school wrestling coach, was the previous coach of the middle school team.

Of the seven boys that are currently wrestling, three are eighth-graders and the other four are seventh-graders. “This is my second year wrestling, but I haven’t wrestled since elementary,” said Frank Mazzuca, one of the eighth-graders on the team. “It has been fun so far relearning the basics.” Mark Barkdoll, one of the seventh grade wrestlers, is wrestling for his second year. Crossiant says, “Mark is pretty good and has a lot of potential.”

“I just want to try to win as much as I can and be a good leader,” said Barkdoll about his upcoming season. The team looks forward to their upcoming season, which consists of six planned meets so far. Crossiant is hoping for more meets to be scheduled. “These boys need as much experience as they can get,” said Crossiant.

Their first meet will be in Strasburg on February 10 at 4:00 pm.