Wiggins Tigers Baseball Team Faces Hard Losses toBurlington

By Brooke Bostron

The Wiggins Tigers baseball team faced two tough losses against Burlington March 21, as the opening day for the Tigers their first game had to be rescheduled due to the weather.

During the first game, three of the Tigers hit the ball, but no one scored. The players that hit were Armando Munoz, Caleb Cardwell, and Terran Freauff. “We just need to stop making stupid mistakes; we really need to hit the batting cages,” said Freauff.

Steven Leon led the game with five outs, followed by Austin Perry with four outs, and then a three- way tie between Trevor Dye, Caleb Cardwell, and Corey Ritchey, all with one out. Dye had two assists and Leon, Cardwell, David Nance, and Rocky Blake all had one assist. Dye and Leon pitched during the game. Dye struck out three batters. The Tigers lost 13-0.

During the second game, five of the Tigers hit the ball, and three scored. The Tigers that hit were Tucker Baker, Nance, and Freauff. Dye and Ritchey scored, and after being pegged, Cardwell also scored. The Tigers scored three points.

Baker and Leon had eight outs, followed by Blake with two and Nance with one. Blake led the assists with four, followed by Dye with two, and Baker and Cardwell both with one. Leon and Cardwell both pitched during this game. Cardwell struck out eight batters. The Tigers lost 3-5.

“I think we played alright, that first game was a little bit rough,” said Armando Munoz. “We made a lot of mistakes, but if we cut out those mistakes I think we would be able to compete with [Burlington]. I think we need to keep our heads up after a mistake and just move on to the next pitch.” Munoz also said that he thinks they will be able to compete with better teams once they learn from their mistakes.

Freauff said that he is feeling optimistic about their game on Saturday because they have put in a good hard week of practice. The Tigers next game will be on Saturday, March 29, against Haxtun.


Wiggins Kindergartners Try to Trap Leprechauns

By Jade Crandall

For Saint Patricks’ Day the kindergarten classes at Wiggins Elementary got into the spirit of the holiday by setting traps for the leprechauns. The children were excited to come to school the next day to see if their traps had been sprung, and they were surprised to see their classrooms had been trashed.

In celebration of the holiday, the children made green goo and shamrocks. “We built a bunch of traps and stuff,” said student Mark Walker. They used “gold” (rocks painted gold) as bait in their traps.

They were told the leprechaun didn’t like their efforts to trap him, and he trashed the room as a result. “He put shamrocks and green glitter all over the place” said one student. “The Leprechaun put baby powder in the trash and left footprints all over the desks and on the toilet seats and in the crab and frog cages.“

The kindergarteners found all of their chairs stacked up in a big mountain and their teachers’ chairs all wrapped up with Saran wrap. All of the traps were sprung, but there was no leprechaun to be found. They did, however, find a note that said “Hehehe, can’t catch me, but I left you a treat!” along with candy for everyone. Along with the sweet treat, the children also found “gold” on the playground. “We had to dig under the rocks to find it,” explained one student.

The children said that when they built the traps next year they needed bigger traps. One girl said that if they want to catch him they need to “be nice.” They said that if they caught him they would “keep him as a pet” or “take his gold.” One boy even said that if he caught him, he would “cook him and eat him.” Overall, the children had a great time with the festivities and are planning things bigger and better for next year.



Tiger Den Theater Prepares for Upcoming Performance

By Faythe Harris

The Wiggins Drama Club will be presenting “No Place like Nowhere” for their spring performance year. The play will be performed on April 4 and 5, and the matinee for the school students will be on April 3.  The Drama club is putting this show together in only five weeks, when they usually get around eight. “Of course we will be ready. One way or another,” said Linda Epple, the play director.

The fall play “Yearbook Reflections” was a musical with varying moods throughout the production, so Epple decided that the spring play needed to have a more light-hearted and fun feel; that is why she chose this comedy. “This one has a lot of humor and puns that are about nowhere, and it applies to Wiggins,” said Epple.

There are some bittersweet feelings going on throughout this production because this will be the last one for the seniors. “This will be my ninth performance. It has been a great experience and I greatly recommend it for younger students,” said senior Mandy Columbia “I know that I will use my experiences from Drama Club no matter where I go.”

For the younger cast members, however, this is just another production, and one that they are looking forward to. “All the parts are coming along really well considering we’ve only had three weeks,” said sophomore Trevor Dye, “We are expecting to get a lot of laughs.”

The National Honor Society will be providing dinner for five dollars both nights of the performances, beginning at 5:00.


Wiggins FFA Members Sold to Raise Funds

By Shelby Teague

The Wiggins FFA held its annual Hired Hand Auction on Monday, March 17. During the event, members are auctioned off to provide eight hours of work to the buyer. This is one of the major fundraisers that the chapter holds throughout the year. According to Rockie Ernst, the Wiggins FFA advisor, this year`s auction results were down from last year. “We averaged a little less than 400 [per member], which is down from the previous year`s auction,” said Ernst.

The Hired Hand Auction is one the major ways that the chapter pays for the activities they attend throughout the year, such as state convention and state career development events. Without these funds, members would have to pay for these trips by themselves. “We are lucky to have a supportive community behind us that allows us these opportunities,” said Ernst.

Senior Cody Corsentino was one of the twenty-nine members auctioned off. “Prices seemed a bit down, but a large amount of the community showed up to support,” said Corsentino. He said his favorite part of the night was the steak supper, which was sponsored by local businesses.

With the funds raised from the auction, Wiggins FFA members will have the ability to attend many leadership events throughout the year. The Wiggins FFA Chapter will also be hosting a free dinner and entertainment in conjunction with Diggin’ Wiggins Days later this month.

Morgan County Roboknights Qualify for Super-Regionals

By Shelby Teague

The Morgan County Roboknights recently qualified for the Super-Regional Robotics tournament.  The team received the Inspire Award for sportsmanship.  Wiggins JR./SR. High School students Will Schneider, junior, and Malea Koneog, sixth-grader, were both involved in the event.

The team competes annually in the event, beginning with building the robot in September. They then compete at a tournament a few months later.  At the competition, teams are presented with a set of tasks during the event, which they must complete with the robot they build. The team who best completes the tasks given wins the competition.

Will Schneider is the team captain for these events.  “I really enjoy being able to build real-world machines that can work and function,” said the junior.  Schneider has been a member of the Roboknights for three years, and says he is proud of the team`s accomplishments this season.  He works as the programmer for the team in addition to his team caption position. This means that he is the one who helps the robot to complete tasks throughout the competition.

This was Malea Koneog`s first year participating in this event. She said that it was a great experience and she plans to be on the team next year. “I didn’t think we would make it [to the tournament] but I was really grateful that they chose us for this award,” said Koneog. While her main job is helping in the actual assembly of the robots, Koneog also helps with the computer programming as well.

The Super-Regional competition will take place March 20-22 in Sacramento, California.

Twelve Students Advance to State History Day Competition

By Daniel Faudoa

Twelve students from the Wiggins High School History Club qualified for state at the regional History Day competition on Saturday, March 1.  To qualify for state, students must place in first, second, or third.

Once they arrived, they signed in and set up their projects.  Senior Levi Shutts and sophomore Dillon Donaghy competed in the group documentary category.  Sophomores Trevor Dye, Reid Ernst, and Blake Ferris competed in the group website category.  Senior Steven Leon, junior Lexi Ashbrook, and junior Lacey Eikenberg competed in the group performance category.  Juniors Taylor Rider, Jake Donaghy, and Matt Ewertz competed in the group exhibit competition. Senior Corey Ritchey and sophomore Austin Dinis competed in the individual exhibit category, and senior Skyler Collins competed in the paper category.  Freshmen Maggie Allen and Makayla Stark also competed in the exhibit category.

Out of these contestants, there were twelve students to make it to state.  The only individual to make it to state was Dinis.  The other state qualifiers were Leon’s group, Dye’s group, Rider’s group, and Shutts’ group.  Rider’s group got second place in their category with a perfect score.  “I called the judges, and they said that the reason that group did not get first was because the other first-place winner had better organization,” said Clay.

Shutts and Donaghy took first place in the group documentary category. According to Shutts, the competition seemed tough at first, but once they were being judged on their work, it did not seem to be too bad.  But Shutts believes that the state competition will be very tough. “State will definitely be way harder because Denver Academy Schools are always sweeping the competition,” said Shutts. “They actually make History Day a part of their curriculum and get class time to work on their projects.”

“One of my major concerns for state is getting transportation up to the competition,” said Casey Clay, history teacher and history club sponsor. History Club had no transportation to the regional competition.  The bus did not show up to the school the morning of the competition.  According to Clay, everyone was worried that they wouldn’t be able to get a ride there and would miss the competition.  Eventually, Clay called the transportation director, and a bus arrived just in time.

The State History Day competition will be held on May 3 at CU Denver.


Track Is Back

By Trevor Dye

The Wiggins Tigers track team officially started practice on February 24. The track team has about 30 members on the team this year, which is a good number, according to sprinting coach Dale Dubbs.

“I am looking forward to having some good performances from all my athletes, and I hope to have higher places at state and even some state champions,” said coach Mario Garcia. Garcia hopes to have everyone improve throughout the season, and hopes that he can help all of the athletes perform to their best capabilities.

Coach Garcia has high expectations for the team this year, he hopes that he will be able to take a lot of athletes to the state competition, as well as have some state champions. He believes he will be able to do this because he has a lot of members with experience, and a lot of new kids with potential.

“I am looking forward to participating in the meets and bonding with my teammates,” said senior Levi Shutts. Shutts said he is both excited and nervous for the season. He hopes that he can do his best since it is his last year. Shutts is going to participate in the 4×800 relay, the mile, and the two-mile, and hopes that he can make it to state in more than one event.

The Wiggins Tigers track team is going to their first track meet in Fort Morgan on Saturday, March 8, with field events starting at 9 a.m., and running events starting at 10 a.m.