Tiger Den Theatre Presents No Place Like Nowhere

By Daniel Faudoa

Senior Cade Carlson, as Radon Gass, prepares for his role as Juliet in Nowhere's community dinner theater play. No Place Like Nowhere was Carlson's first play.

Senior Cade Carlson, as Radon Gass, prepares for his role as Juliet in Nowhere’s community dinner theater play. No Place Like Nowhere was Carlson’s first play.

After weeks and weeks of preparation, the Tiger Den Theatre performers were ready to put on the play No Place like Nowhere for their fellow schoolmates, parents, and community. Their first performance was Thursday, April 3, for the middle and high school students. That Friday and Saturday night, performances were open to the community and students that missed the student matinee.

This semester’s play was about a town by the name of Nowhere, Nevada. The plot of the story is that two secret agents are sent to this town so that they can clear it out and dump toxic waste at that location. The residents of Nowhere are not planning on being cleared out, and they refuse to leave. The whole plot revolves around these agents’ attempts to get the residents out and a lot of other odd instances.

According to director Linda Epple, this play was chosen because everyone needed a comical relief after the fall play, and it resembles Wiggins in some ways. “No Place like Nowhere was a great choice for the play because it is a good fit for the town,” said senior Ashley Motley. Motley has been in many plays, including Robin Hood, Is There a Doctor in the House, Trouble in Tumbleweed, Aladdin, and Yearbook Reflections.

Motley memorized her tryout a week in advance. Motley’s tryout was a scene from Finding Nemo.   Apart from the tryouts, practices went on Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8-9 p.m. The play cast is always a very diverse group of students, according to Motley.  Junior Lexi Ashbrook agrees.  “I like that we all get to work together and talk to each other, when we would normally not even speak to one another outside of play practices,” said Ashbrook.

“This semester’s cast was very obedient and we actually got a lot of practice time in,” said Epple. Sports did not get in the way for once and according to Epple, even the kids in sports got to rehearsals full of energy.

This semester’s cast was smaller because there were not enough roles for everyone, but Epple hopes that next play she will have as many enthusiastic people as she did for this semester’s play.


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