Amanda Sears’ Science Fair Pigs Win her a $5,000 Scholarship

By Daniel Faudoa

Junior Amanda Sears poses with her science fair project, "The A-Maze-Ing Race."

Junior Amanda Sears poses with her science fair project, “The A-Maze-Ing Race.”

Over spring break, junior Amanda Sears won a $5,000 scholarship after attending the state science fair at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Sears has created a science fair project every year since she entered middle school and continued into high school.

This year, Sears participated in the state animal science category.  “For my project this year I decided to get a pig to run through a maze and push buttons,” said Sears.  The purpose of Sears’ project was to test the intelligence of the pig.  This year the animal science category was not big, but according to sponsor Jordan Sonnenberg, there were some very good projects to compete with.

Sears received a $5,000 scholarship to Adams State University as a prize for her project.  “I am very proud of her success,” said Sonnenberg.  “It was very neat to see a student participate in the senior part of the science fair instead of the junior science fair.”

According to Sears, she began to work on her project during December.  This gave Sears about four months to put together her whole project.  She first had to get past the regional competition.

According to Sonnenberg, a project can be chosen to advance to the National Science Fair at either the Regional Science Fair or at the State Science Fair. Sears will not be going on to the National Science fair, but according to Sears, she has one more chance to try and get there next year.


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