Wiggins Baseball Loses to Sedgewick

By Laura Walker

The Wiggins Tigers Baseball team lost to the Sedgwick County Cougars on Saturday, April 19, at Sedgwick County. The final score of the game came out with Wiggins Tigers having 4 points and the Sedgwick County Cougars having 9.

The team started off with no runs in the first two innings for the Tigers. The Cougars got three runs in each of the first two innings. Wiggins then held the Cougars to no runs in the third inning while they were able to accumulate three runs. The score became six-three at the top of the fourth. The Tigers gained one more run throughout the next four innings; the Cougars gained three more.

According to senior Steven Leon, the strengths of the team had to be the in fielding. Leon and Terran Freauff both felt that the out fielding needs lots of improvement. Freauff gave the example that he dropped two pop-flies during the game that were easily catchable. “Caleb and Steven played really well even though the game didn’t go to well,” said junior Justin Peggram.

Junior pitcher Caleb Cardwell was given the player of the game. ”Being the player of the game is common as long as you get a good hit, so it is kind of exciting at first, but not after a while,” Cardwell said.  Cardwell thought that the team needs to work on getting their sticks going or connecting their hits. He felt that the team would have done a lot better if that would have been able to hit.

The team’s next game is on Saturday, May 3, at home against Akron at eleven and one o’clock.


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