Prom Moves to Longmeadow

By Trevor Dye

Wiggins High School held prom on Saturday, April 26, at the Longmeadow Event Center, and following the dance, the junior class held After Prom at the Wiggins Event Center.

“It was great; it was by far the best high school dance I have ever attended,” said prom king Levi Shutts. Shutts was very happy about winning prom king, and said it was a very good surprise that happened at the end of his senior year. His favorite part of prom was that it didn’t feel like he was at the school, and he thought that it was a lot more fun at Longmeadow.

Prom was decorated by Longmeadow and a few members of the junior class, and the theme was “A Touch of Class.” The decorations consisted of white table cloths and flowers as the centerpieces, and they had “A Touch of Class” projected on the wall. “It felt like we were in a five-star hotel ballroom,” said sophomore Laura Walker.

Prom queen Ashley Motley thought that the dance was awesome; she thought that the music was good, she enjoyed the amount of people that attended, and she had a very good time with her date. “I was honored to win prom queen, it was super exciting and surprising,” said Motley.

After prom this year consisted of many activities that the students could participate in. They had a photo booth, a giant boxing ring, an obstacle course, giant Jenga, a mechanical bull, and ping pong. The gifts ranged from TVs to gift cards, and names were drawn to decide who won the gifts. Motley also had a very good time at after prom; she loved the activities, but her favorite activity by far was the photo booth.

Approximately one hundred students attended prom, which is a major increase compared to past years.


Wiggins FBLA Attends State Conference

By Laura Walker

Wiggins Future Business Leaders of America took twenty-eight members to the state conference in Vail on April 27-29.

The first day the group went up to Vail and took tests for their events. All but three of the members attended the conference for a group event. Kaeson Risner, Brianna Virgil, and Mandy Columbia had individual events at the State Conference. Their tests took place on Monday morning.

The members had to attend at least two seminars while they were in Vail. FBLA advisor Dave Crossiant feels that these seminars are good for the students not only for their future, but for their lives right now. These seminars could be anything from teaching the students how to dress correctly for interviews to making the students give presentations to the others on what they would do in certain circumstances. “The seminars are not that fun; I like the lectures more than I like the actual workshops,” junior Justin Peggram said.

Peggram said that of all the events that occurred over the three days, his favorite part was the dance that took place on Monday night. Peggram went to the conference with a group of Ashley Motley and himself for Marketing. Motley and Peggram, along with all the other members, did not make it to the finals.

“I am proud of all of the students that made it to the Conference and the effort that they put into their test and presentations. I am looking forward to next year,” Crossiant said.