Tiger XC Takes Six to State

By Jade Crandall

The Tiger cross country team ran in the state meet in Colorado Springs on October 25.

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams qualified for this meet. At state, the girls placed tenth as a team, and the boys placed fourteenth.

The seniors on the team were not able to attend the state meet because of a conflict with ACT retakes. “It was a bummer that I couldn’t run at state, but I couldn’t be more proud that both teams qualified for state,” said senior Lexi Ashbrook

Individually, junior Trevor Dye placed 36, sophomore Luke Eikenberg placed 51, and junior Reid Ernst placed 71.  For the girls’ team, sophomore Maggie Allen placed 34, junior Marisol Mendez placed 67, and junior Kamryn Siros placed 75.

“Everyone did really well at state and had a strong end to the season,” said Allen. Eikenberg and all three girls broke their personal records for the state course at this meet.

“Our goal was to make it to state as a team, so we accomplished that,” said Coach Mario Garcia. It was really hot and dusty, and the course was a huge hill, which made it hard to run fast, according to Ernst.

The team will be running all summer to get a good summer base and will possibly have a running camp in the mountains a week before the first official practice, said Garcia.

“Run during the summer if you want to be good,” said Ernst to his younger teammates.


Tigers Defeat Yuma Indians in Last Regular-Season Game

By Trevor Dye

The Wiggins Tigers football team beat the Yuma Indians 29 to 8 in an away game on Friday, October 24, that allowed them to advance to the playoffs.

The team’s quarterback Kaeson Risner felt that his team executed very well on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, and did what they had to do in order to win. The team had prepared all week for the game, and the team had a very successful offense, according to Risner. “My goals for the rest of the season are to advance as far as we can in the playoffs, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself; I just want to take it one game at a time,” said Risner.

The Tigers are glad that they played well and are happy that they will be able to continue their season and play in the playoffs, according to wide receiver Austin Dinis. “We had a hay day with over four passing touchdowns, and we had a great time with the lead we had over them.“ said Dinis.

The Tigers will advance to the first round of the playoffs against Paonia on Saturday, November 1. The Tigers Defensive head coach Matt Sees knows that the team will have to play their best considering that Paonia is number one in the state, but he says they are not scared or intimidated.

The Wiggins Tigers will play Paonia in the first round of the playoffs on Saturday, November 1.

Tiger Volleyball Finishes Season at Districts against Yuma and Sedge Co.

By Jade Crandall

The Tiger volleyball team finished their season with losses against Yuma and Sedgwick County at the first round of Districts on October 21.

The tournament started with a match between Wiggins and Yuma. The Indians were ranked number-one in their region going into the tournament. Yuma defeated the Tigers in three games. This was the second time this season that the Tigers had been defeated by the Indians.

The team was way too nervous for the game even though they had nothing to lose, said Coach Erin Kerr.

After the Yuma game, the Tigers faced the Sedgwick County Cougars for the second time. During the match, the Cougars won the first two games, but the game turned around for the Tigers in the third game, which they won with a 25-22 score. “We finally started playing as a team like we know how,” said junior Tailor McClain.

The team went on to also win the fourth game with a 25-16 score. The fifth and final game was a tie-breaker and was a race to 15. Having won the two previous games, the Tigers suffered a loss of 15-10 in the final game and lost the match. “It wasn’t the way we wanted to end our season, but I am proud that we fought back and didn’t give up,” said senior Brittany Robinson.

The Tigers plan to participate in some individual skills camps, a team camp, open gyms, and team tournaments during the summer to improve their skills and their record for next season, according to Kerr.

“Put in time in the summer so that you are in shape and prepared when it comes time to practice,” said McClain in a word of advice for underclassmen.

Basketball Boys Gear up for Their Season

By Faythe Harris

The Wiggins boys’ basketball team is preparing for its upcoming season. The first official practice starts November 12, but he players that are not involved in fall sports have already started going into the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays to start shooting and regaining muscle memory for the sport.

The team’s coaching staff has changed this year. Previous assistant coach Jorge Leon had been coaching for around seven years. He is no longer in his position because it was offered to a member of the school district staff. The new assistant coach is Justin Adams, who is also the middle school social studies teacher. “I think that Adams will help us because has a lot of new plays and stuff to teach us, and it’s nice to have someone new to switch it up,” said senior guard Justin Peggram.

The boys’ team ended up 5-16 at the end of last year’s season. A reason that the team did not perform the way they had hoped was because of bad attitudes, according to junior guard Kaeson Risner.

The team is hoping for a change of attitude in the team this year. The team has a couple of new players this year, so learning to play together has never been more essential, according to Peggram. “Last year we didn’t win many games, so hopefully we will learn to work together to be more successful,” Peggram said.

The first basketball game is scheduled for December 2 at 4:00 against the Weldona Warriors in Weldona.

Tigers Play Last Home and Regular Season Games

By Tailor McClain

Freshman Tori Jordan prepares to bump during the Tigers' last home game against Holyoke on October 17. Jordan was the only freshman who started on the varsity team this year.

Freshman Tori Jordan prepares to bump during the Tigers’ last home game against Holyoke on October 17. Jordan was the only freshman who started on the varsity team this year.

The Lady Tigers volleyball team lost their last home game to the Holyoke Dragons on Friday, October 17, which was senior night and parent appreciation night. On October 18, the Lady Tigers lost to Akron to complete their regular season, finishing their season with a 3-18 record.

On October 17 seniors Jade Crandall and Brittany Robinson were recognized as the only seniors of the volleyball team this year. The seniors wanted to say thank you to all the volleyball girls for making it such a fun year.

“I really loved watching the girls play together as a team this year and coming so far from last year,” said head coach Michelle Baker. “It was a good feeling seeing senior Brittany Robinson have a good last volleyball game, and playing the best she could this night.”

“The Holyoke game was a very bittersweet moment” said Crandall. “It was exciting to play, but also sad because it was my last volleyball game. It would have been better to win my last game.”

Junior Laura Walker, a starter during the Holyoke game, reflected on the end of the season. “We could have worked harder through the year,” said Walker. “It was a learning season for everyone, we had new coaches, so we had to adjust.”

The Holyoke game was a “very bittersweet moment,” finishing her first regular season as a first year coach, said Erin Kerr. “We tried to keep the same consistent practice plan and just improve each day in order to succeed,” said Kerr.

Although the volleyball regular season had come to an end, the volleyball girls still participated in districts on October 21 in Yuma, losing 8-25, 14-25, and 13-25.

Slapstick Criticism: Season of Anguish

By Taylor Boyer

I can’t stand autumn a single bit. It’s like an abrupt transition in a little second grader’s writing paper. “First, it was summer, and we went to the pool and it was hot. Then, the trees died and everyone was sad.”

It happens just like that. We’re all having fun, thinking its going to be months until we have to go back to school, and then the clouds come, the leaves fall, and everything just crumbles apart. Don’t get me wrong, though; I don’t mind the weather nearly as much as I do the fall activities.

Fall sports are probably the worst, both watching and playing them. As if going back to school wasn’t already stressful enough, we need to be nagged at by our parents and coaches to participate in sports. Yeah, no. Maybe it’s just me and my horribly negative attitude, but I don’t see how the added pressure of staying in the gym after school for four to five hours is fun. I have homework, Mr. Coach, sir. So I apologize for my unenthusiastic mood towards fall sports.

I don’t understand the deal with the weather during the fall, either. Earlier this fall, I woke up and saw frost on the ground. No big deal; I’ll grab a coat and I’ll be set. Things were still going great, until the next day. Like any person who experienced near-zero temperatures and suffered from an uncontrollable runny nose, I walked out the door the next day with my heavy coat.

I was not ready for the next day, though. The sun was out and the high that day was 85 degrees. Yeah, 85 degrees. Have you ever worn a black winter coat in the sun? No? Good, don’t. Fall is so indecisive; be hot or cold, not hot one day and cold another day.

Do you believe me now? Everything about fall is just so abrupt and confusing. I just keep reminding myself that fall is only three months, and I’ll be so happy when this season of Fall sports, unforeseeable weather, and smells of assorted gourds is over.

Professional Photographer Visits Wiggins

By Ellyna Van

Photographer Rob Palmer demonstrates how to camouflage a camera. Palmer visited with elementary school students and high school photo club and book club members.

Photographer Rob Palmer demonstrates how to camouflage a camera. Palmer visited with elementary school students and high school photo club and book club members.

On October 16, Rob Palmer, professional photographer, made an appearance at Wiggins to talk about photography. Palmer presented to the preschool, elementary students, photography club and book club.

Wiggins librarian Carol Johnson heard about a book, “The Tale of Jacob Swift,” and the photos were taken by Rob Palmer. Palmer was near Wiggins on October 16 and was contacted to make an appearance at the school.

“The Tale of Jacob Swift” is the true story of a baby fox growing up through time and his life with his fox family. Palmer often came to see Jacob and tracked how much he grew up and to see his interactions.

Johnson wanted to give the elementary students a new book to enjoy. It also was an opportunity for the photo club and book club to get advice from a professional.

Students from both photography club and book club said they learned interesting facts and enjoyed the presentation. Palmer taught about different techniques to take photos, prices of cameras, and ways to attract certain animals. Therefore, many students learned the proper techniques to take photos.

Palmer’s photos impressed everyone in the room. Freshman and photography club member Kendra Smits said she enjoyed the presentation and that the photos were high quality.  Most of the attendees agreed, especially with the quality of the photos.

Many students said that they were impressed with how Palmer attracted the animals with his sounds. The camera details also captured the audience like how a high-end camera can cost up to thousands of dollars. “I didn’t know that a camera can cost that much!” sophomore Jessie Dowdell said,

At the age of twelve, Palmer rescued a baby falcon. He began to take photos and show them to many others. According to Palmer, everyone loved the pictures and this was the beginning of his photography career.

With the new love of photography, Palmer began to capture more pictures, especially of nature. ”Nature is my church,” said Palmer. Photography gives the feeling of freedom, because you can do or go anywhere you would like, said Palmer.

Palmer is traveling to different schools to showcase his latest book, “The Tale of Jacob Swift.” He says that he is working to create a new book as well.

Palmer talked about returning to Wiggins next year and showcasing his work again.