Junior Varsity Lady Tigers Place Third in Holiday Tournament

By Trevor Dye

Freshman Brittney Hart blocks her Middle Park opponent's pass. Both the JV and varsity girls' teams placed third at last weekend's Holiday Tournament.

Freshman Brittney Hart blocks her Middle Park opponent’s pass. Both the JV and varsity girls’ teams placed third at last weekend’s Holiday Tournament.

The Wiggins junior varsity Lady Tigers took third place in the Wiggins Holiday Tournament that took place on December 12 and 13.

Freshman JV point guard Courtney Jenson said she was proud of her team and was happy that they came back from a loss and were able to win their second game. Jenson starts JV, and she subs in on varsity. “We still have a lot of improvements to make, but overall I am proud that we took third,” said Jenson.

Head Coach Jim Dechant thinks his girls have made significant improvements in the way they are playing. “We are passing better, shooting better, and playing better overall in the games,” said Dechant. Dechant thinks that his team will do very well; he knows that they will not win every game, but he hopes that they will win a lot more games than last year.

The Lady Tigers lost their first game against the Deer Trail Eagles 24 to 16. After their loss, they played the Bruce Randolph Grizzlies. The Lady Tigers beat the Grizzlies 28 to 14.

Freshman center Tori Jordan said she thinks that her team made a lot of improvements from their first games, and she is excited for the rest of the season. “We played a lot better than our previous games, and even though we didn’t win the tournament, I’m still proud of my team,” said Jordan.

The Wiggins Lady Tigers play again on December 18 against the Weld Central Rebels at the Wiggins Event Center, and they play the Byers Bulldogs December 19 in Byers.


Varsity Lady Tigers Place Third at Holiday Tournament

By Trevor Dye

Junior Kassidy Harris lines up her free throw shot during last weekend's Holiday Tournament. Both WHS varsity teams placed at this home tournament.

Junior Kassidy Harris lines up her free throw shot during last weekend’s Holiday Tournament. Both WHS varsity teams placed at this home tournament.

The Wiggins varsity Lady Tigers took third in the Wiggins Holiday Tournament December 12 and 13.

Junior point guard Laura Walker believes that they need to improve on their shot choice, and rebounding after they shoot. Walker thinks that she played well and put a lot of effort in the games, but she knows she still needs to improve. “We played pretty well, we had more team chemistry this week, and we improved our turnover ratio,” said Walker.

Coach Jim Dechant thought that his team played very well and executed their jobs very efficiently. He thought that each of his players played their positions correctly and saw a lot of improvements in his players. “We played alright; we could have played a lot better, but I am happy that we at least took third place,” said Dechant.

Junior shooting guard Brienna Baer thinks her team played very well, but also thinks they need to work on a lot of little things to help them play better. “We need to work on lowering our turnovers, getting better shots off, and rebounding,” said Baer. Baer is excited for the rest of the season, and her goals for the season are to win more games than they won last year.

The Wiggins Lady Tigers play again on December 18 against the Weld Central Rebels at the Wiggins Event Center, and they play the Byers Bulldogs December 19 in Byers.

WHS Music Department Holds Holiday Concert

By Maddy Shepherd

The Wiggins High School Band, Voices, and Concert Choir put on their annual Christmas concert on Wednesday, December 17, 2014. The concert featured many classic Christmas songs, such as “Silent Night,” a duet sung by Dolphus Grindle and Hannah Johnson, and “O Holy Night,” sung by Bernie Kopetzky. According to the music director, Jeff Everett, the musical groups performed fantastically.

The Wiggins High School band also performed classic Christmas songs, but according to tuba and piano player Taylor Boyer and Everett, the favorite choice song was “Jingle Bells Forever.”  “I like all of the songs that were performed by all of the groups. We had a really good program set up, but ‘Jingle Bells Forever’ was definitely my favorite,” said Everett.

Boyer played his own solo on the piano, a song that he wrote himself called “Castle Siege.” “I thought the night went great. It was probably the best Christmas concert we have had in a few years,” said Boyer.

Trevor Dye was an attendee of the concert. “My favorite part was Taylor’s piano solo. It was extraordinary,” said Dye.

The Concert Choir, featuring two people, Austin Perry and Hannah Johnson, also sang their share of Christmas favorites. The two sang “White Christmas,” and they each accompanied their own with a guitar.

The musical groups have put in a lot of effort, time, and preparation into this performance, and Everett believes that it paid off and they were more prepared than ever. “We are very dedicated, and I believe that we had just the right amount of time preparing for our program,” said Everett.

According to Everett, the concert was successful. “I thought that we all had a good night. I would like to see more people come out for band or choir next year. If you like music and are musical, you should do it because it is a wonderful experience,” said Everett.

Slapstick Criticism: ‘Tis the Season I Refrain from Complaining

By Taylor Boyer

In my previous articles, I’ve written about everything that bothers me. It’s my self-prescribed method of relieving myself of my grievances. Patent pending. Complaining, regardless of what people might tell you, is a perfectly fine way to “get things off your chest.”

But since I’ve been writing all of these articles, people ask me, “Why do you complain so much?” Well, can you imagine having to write articles every week about things you like? Yuck. Trust me, it’s a lot easier to write a five-hundred page article about all of the things that really annoy you.

But I figured with it being the holiday season and all, I should refrain from complaining and think about something nice to say. And so I will. Excuse me if I get off on a rough start, it’s been a while since I’ve thought positively.

I probably look forward to Christmas Break more than anybody. Don’t argue; I’ll win. Most winter breaks I’ve just sat at home and felt ashamed of myself because I subconsciously ate a whole bag of Funyuns while finishing up the last season of Breaking Bad. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great at first, but three days into it, you begin to feel like death.

As much as I loved my perfect, Funyun-chiseled body, I thought I should get in a little better shape, so I took up sledding. You must be thinking, how does sledding help you stay in shape? It doesn’t. But my hardcore version of sledding does. It involves me being chased by my dog while I try to jump onto the sled; it’s a rush.

Wow, that wasn’t too bad; I should try and be positive more often. Ha, who am I kidding? This was so hard, the whole time I was writing this I was wishing I could complain just once. So don’t expect me to be happy until next holiday season. Have a darn good Christmas and please, be safe; I don’t have that many readers as is; I don’t want my entire fanbase to be hospitalized because they had to try hardcore sledding.

Senior of the Month: Taylor Rider

By Faythe Harris

Senior of the Month Taylor Rider hustles down the court during the Tigers' game against Weldona. Rider helped the Tigers to a substantial win in this game.

Senior of the Month Taylor Rider hustles down the court during the Tigers’ game against Weldona. Rider helped the Tigers to a substantial win in this game.

The Wiggins boys’ basketball team has just kicked off their season, and for Taylor Rider it will be his last season. Taylor is one of two seniors on the basketball team this year. He was also one of three seniors on the football team. Taylor has always been very involved in high school, participating in football and basketball for all four years, FBLA for four years, History Club for four years, and FFA for one year. Taylor was also one of the nominees for Homecoming King this year.

Taylor played wide receiver this year on the football team. “I like Taylor; he was a great teammate to have, and he will be missed next year,” said quarterback Kaeson Risner. Taylor is playing guard for the basketball team this year and said he hopes this season will go better than last year’s.

Taylor participated in the district History Day contest just last week. He is doing a group exhibit with fellow seniors Matt Ewertz and Jake Donaghy. Their project this year is on Theodore Roosevelt and his contribution to the conservation of national parks. Last year, Taylor’s group made it the state level with their exhibit on the annexation of Hawaii.

“I am going to miss my friends and football most,” said Taylor about what he will miss about high school. After high school Taylor plans on attending college to be an architect. He has yet to pick which college he wants to attend; however, Oregon is the front-runner for a school at this time.

College English Class Takes Field Trip to CU Denver, Metro State, and CCD

By Lexi Ashbrook

Wiggins’ college English Composition class traveled to Denver to tour the Auraria campus, which holds the University of Colorado at Denver, Metropolitan State University, and the Community College of Denver.

The class that toured the college consisted of seniors interested in attending college in the fall of 2015. They toured each college’s facilities and resources and heard explained the benefits of attending each school.

Bernie Kopetzky said she thoroughly enjoyed the trip. “We got pizza, which was good, but we also got to interact with college students,” said Kopetzky. According to Kopetzky, her favorite part of the tour was touring CU Denver’s library because she said it was so much different than a high school library. “I enjoyed CU Denver the most because it had the newest facility, offered more majors, and had more of a diversity of students,” said Kopetzky.

On the tour, the students listened about resources offered like tutoring, and the financial aid process that makes the tuition process easier on the students.

Shelby Hart said she really enjoyed CU Denver’s campus. Hart plans on attending University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, which is the sister school of CU Denver. Hart plans to major in Forensic Sciences. According to Hart, she liked CU Denver the best because of the people. She said it seemed liked a friendly environment. “I didn’t think the tour was beneficial, personally, because I don’t plan on attending any of those colleges,” said Hart.

Another senior who attended the tour was Matt Ewertz. Ewertz is interested in attending either CU Denver or Colorado State University in Fort Collins, so the tour was very beneficial for him. He plans to major in Civil Engineering.  Ewertz said he liked CU Denver better than Metro State. “It allowed you to be more of a family due to the campus size,” said Ewertz. According to Ewertz, the tour helped him gain an understanding of what he wanted to do after high school. He said comparing campus sizes helped him think about his major and what size campus he wanted to attend.

Wiggins Hosts Food and Toy Drive

By Jade Crandall

Student Council and National Honor Society held a holiday food and toy drive from November 17 to December 5 and donated all of the toys to the Toys For Tigers program and the food to Caring Ministries.

Sophomore Alli Kopetzky was the biggest donator overall. She alone donated over ten toys and almost thirty food items. “I knew it would help people in need, and it’s the holidays, so why not?” said Kopetzky.

As for the staff, librarian Carol Johnson was among the few to donate. She donated to the toy drive with flash drives, perfume and cologne, and Subway gift cards. Johnson said that she feels fortunate that her family has so much, and she wanted to make sure others had things for the holidays, too.

Kopetzky and Johnson agreed that the toy drive was their favorite of the two to donate to. “I feel like toys are what little kids really want, and I feel like I’m making their dreams come true,” said Kopetzky.

The high school collected 53 food items and 45 toys, and the middle school collected 132 food items and 26 toys. Student Council sponsor Cassie Sonnenberg said that she was disappointed in the number of donors there was, but was happy that they were able to get some things.

The high school food and toy drive ended December 5, but there are other organizations that are still working to collect food and toys for those in need over the holidays. These programs include the Golden Stars program, the Toys for Tigers program, and the Blessings in a Backpack program, which runs year round.