Wiggins Wrestling Hosts Last Home Duel

By Roxanne Bashor

Freshman Cael Croissant reaches for an ankle for an attempted takedown. Croissant won this match.

Freshman Cael Croissant reaches for an ankle for an attempted takedown. Croissant won this match.

The Wiggins Wrestling team won four out of five matches at the home dual against Elizabeth on Thursday, January 22, but the team ended up losing overall due to forfeits.

If was an accomplishment to get the pin “because I know that the other guy worked just as hard,” said sophomore 126-pounder Cameron Holm. In the beginning of the season, Holm “was out of whack,” but he has become more aggressive by working hard in practice.

Sophomore David Nance wrestled in the 182-pound weight division and beat his opponent 8 to 5 in points. He felt that he had more confidence out on the mat and wasn’t nervous like in the past. At upcoming meets he wants to do things similarly to how he wrestled that night, said Nance.

Another wrestler who won his match was freshman 120-pounder Cael Croissant. He won his match 13 to 11 after going into overtime. He said he felt good knowing that he was able to work hard and was very relieved after the 6 minutes was up.

Stats girl Alli Kopetzky attended the meet as well and was very impressed with all of the wrestlers’ performances. She was especially pleased with Nance’s performance because “he worked hard on bottom and did well defending against shots,” said Kopetzky.

The team still needs to work on their mental preparation, though, according to Coach Dave Croissant. He was very pleased with all of the wrestlers and thinks that their conditioning has improved throughout the season. He is looking forward to upcoming tournaments and including state wrestling in a few weeks.

The Tigers’ next dual is in Fort Morgan on Wednesday, February 4.


Tigers Boys’ Basketball Falls to Akron Rams, Beats Union Colony

By Laura Walker

Senior Justin Peggram defends the Akron player from taking a shot. The Tigers lost this game but won the next night at Union Colony.

Senior Justin Peggram defends the Akron player from taking a shot. The Tigers lost this game but won the next night at Union Colony.

The Wiggins Tigers boys’ basketball team fell to the Akron Rams 41 to 74 at home on Friday, January 23, followed by a win against Union Colony the next day.

The boys averaged ten points per quarter in Akron. Junior Kaeson Risner was again the leading scorer for the Tigers. Akron averaged eighteen points per quarter, with their leading scorer being Jared Clarkson.

“We need to work on our defense on the perimeter players,” said senior Taylor Rider. “That is where most of Akron’s points came from.” The Tigers had almost all of their points down at the block, but Akron returned many times with a field goal that would add up in Akron’s favor.

According to junior Austin Dinis, the team needs to work on scoring more baskets, and they need to shoot more in practice to improve in the games. The team only shot thirty percent for free throws in the game. Their field goal percentage was higher, near fifty, but it wasn’t enough to bring them into the game.

“We need to work on going to the basket, we tried to do that in the Akron game, but it wasn’t much of a success,” said sophomore Shane Finegan. They had a lot of their points from put backs on offensive rebounds.

On the following Saturday the boys won against Union Colony by 17 points, 54 to 37, giving them their fourth win of the season. The game went better than the last few games, but they can still improve on their overall game, according to Finegan.

The boys’ next game is a league game on Friday, January 30, in Holyoke, starting at about 6:30. They then play at home the next day against Wray.

Book Club Takes Book Adventure

By Faythe Harris

Wiggins Book Club members Ryan Marting, Miguel Soliz, Kaylee Marting, and Brittany Spiker prepare to enter The Tattered Cover bookstore. This was the group's first field trip this year.

Wiggins Book Club members Ryan Marting, Miguel Soliz, Kaylee Marting, and Brittany Spiker prepare to enter The Tattered Cover bookstore. This was the group’s first field trip this year.

The book club took its first field trip of the year Monday, January 19, in Denver. Senior Ryan Marting, junior Brittany Spiker, sophomore Miguel Soliz, freshman Kaylee Marting, and librarian Carol Johnson attended the trip. “The purpose of the trip was for each of the students to pick out some books for the high school library,” said Johnson.

The group left Wiggins early in the day, arriving first at The Tattered Cover Book Store. Upon arrival, the crew took time admiring the antique feel that the book store offered. “We all decided we wanted to choose books that everyone at school would like, so we looked for two hours to find the perfect books,” said Spiker. Three of the four students chose to get books for the library. Spiker picked out two books, Ryan Marting picked out six, and Soliz picked out four.

After they found the perfect books, the group headed to Smashburger for lunch, as that was the restaurant that the group picked. The rest of the day was just a leisurely afternoon. The kids walked around, and some went shopping while some went to other book stores. “We had talked about going to a museum near by, and I wish we could have done that. I think it would have been interesting,” said Spiker. They didn’t end up going because a majority of the group voted against going.

The day ended with Ms. Johnson buying the group ice cream.

The book club doesn’t have any other trips planned for this year; however they are on the waiting list to go to the Teen Literature Conference in April.

TBHQ: The Devil’s Preservative

By Taylor Boyer

I’m a big fan of food that can be prepared in a microwave in under two minutes. I’m such a big fan, in fact, that some days I start the morning off with a microwavable pancake sausage and end the day with two dozen microwavable pizza rolls. Do not underestimate my love of microwavable foods.

As with most good things in life, my love of microwavable food came with a bad consequence: the most realistic nightmares I’ve ever had. Yes, the most amazing microwavable food I’ve had is also a dangerous hallucinogen. I recently found out that there is a preservative called TBHQ in pizza rolls that can give people nightmares and can make them lose focus. This is a small price to pay for the ambrosial, toothsome goodness that can be found in a family-size bag of pizza rolls.

When I say they gave me realistic dreams, I’m not talking about the stupid dreams in which you’re flying in the air and it feels real; every part of this dream was pretty indistinguishable from real life. The night I had more pizza rolls than I’d like to reveal, I had a dream that I was flying in a plane that went down over the ocean. This was hands-down the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. No, wait, I take that back; it was more like a horrible nightmare that I never want to have again.

As I did more research on TBHQ, I found out that even though it’s not the healthiest additive, it won’t kill you… unless you eat 5 grams of it. Don’t worry, though; it is very difficult to consume 5 grams of TBHQ. You can find 5 grams of TBHQ in 55 pounds of chicken nuggets.

How stupid is that? I want to meet the people who are so concerned about people eating 55 pounds of chicken nuggets. I’m no health expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure your stomach would probably explode if you ate 55 pounds of chicken nuggets. As much as I admire their concern and the time they spent researching this, I can’t help but think that their time could be better spent researching, oh, I don’t know; anything else.

Even though I was pretty worried about the effects that the pizza rolls were having on my body, I wasn’t freaking out; there are people who test what you eat. The FDA puts these hallucinogenic additives through tests to ensure your safety; they even go so far as to test them on rats. They have a pretty simple motto at the ol’ FDA HQ; “if it’s good enough for the rats, it’s good enough for you.” Just kidding, that’s not their motto, but it fits.

Companies expect you to eat more than the suggested serving size, so I’m sure that you’re safe eating a seemingly unhealthy amount of pizza rolls. Instead of letting the scary health analysts and food research whatchamacallits scare you into not eating miniature, microwavable culinary symphonies, do your own research and learn how much it takes to do substantial harm to your body– which, if you’re interested, is around 1,360 pizza rolls, so unless you won the pizza roll showcase prize on The Price is Right, I wouldn’t worry.

Spelling Bee Spells Out Success

By Ellyna Van

Forty Wiggins Elementary and Middle School students participated in the local spelling bee on January 14, and twenty of those participants completed a week later in the district bee. Fifth-grader Allison Thomas and eighth-grader Jaggar Dinis won the local bee and later got to compete with each other in the district spelling bee.

The local spelling bee had two separate competitions held. The first spelling bee consisted of twenty students from fifth and sixth grade. An hour later, the second competition was held, consisting of seventh and eighth graders.Ten students from each competition got to move on to districts. “I was so happy to continue competing,” said sixth-grader Breanna Gilliland.

Dinis, eighth-graders Tanna Hansen and Brayden Lambert, seventh-grader Kayleigh Stebbins, Gilliland, and fifth-graders Emily Riggs, Laura Kopetzky, and Thomas will all be competing in at the 2015 Regional Spelling Bee.

“Before the spelling bee, I was really nervous, and after I was done, I was a little upset,” said Hansen. Hansen got second place in both the local and district spelling bees. “I was upset because I felt I had a really good chance of winning, but Jaggar beat me,” said Hansen. According to Hansen, to prepare for the upcoming spelling bees, she will use a dictionary and will work harder.

Sixth-graders Cole Kennedy and Jesus Narvaez and fifth-grader Austin Allen are the alternates and will be accompanying the top eight at regionals. According to the alternates, they would like to make it to regionals to compete next year. To improve on their spelling, all three agree they need to study harder. They also said they will study with a packet that was given to them and a dictionary.

The Regional Spelling Bee will be held on February 2, 2015, at the Brush Fairgrounds.

“Girl Talk”: The Transformation and Preparation of Young Girls’ Mind

By Lexi Ashbrook

Throughout the past two years, Wiggins Middle School has been implementing bully prevention programs in the 6th-grade class. The main reason it’s implemented in the 6th grade is because it’s a big that going from elementary school to middle school. There are a lot of new changes that the kids endure, especially the girls.

This year, the popular, effective program known as “Girl Talk” has been put in place for the 6th-grade girls. The girls meet every Friday at 1:00 and talk for a half hour about all sorts of situations girls endure at the ages of 11 and 12.

The program is put on by the SARA House located in Fort Morgan. Forensic Interviewer Mak Tibbetts is the facilitator of the program. She has been doing what she’s doing for fifteen years. She brought the program to the SARA House when her own daughter was in 6th grade and dealing with some personal issues of her own. Tibbetts said she enjoys helping the girls make better choices for their life in the future. “What the girls don’t realize is that the decisions they make now will directly affect their futures, so I’m trying to help them think about the best decisions they can,” said Tibbetts.

Among the 6th-grade girls, especially this year, there have been multiple cases of bullying. Principal Trent Kerr said the staff has been keeping a watchful eye as well as giving out detentions, warnings, and even suspensions to the girls who aren’t cooperating. “The punishment just isn’t doing anything and the same thing keeps happening, which is why we implemented ‘Girl Talk’,” said Kerr.

According to Kerr, the program is for talking about everyday situations the girls can encounter. They’ve talked about stress and family, and in the future they’ll talk about relationships, sex, and everything in between.

Paige Boyer is one of the girls in the 6th-grade class who have witnessed a lot of the bullying. She said she thinks that “Girl Talk” is necessary because many of the girls in her class are mean. “The girls have been mean to each other for the past two or three years,” said Boyer. According to Boyer, some of the girls in her class think they are better than everyone else and they don’t know how to get along with others. Boyer said she likes “Girl Talk” and she said she thinks it will be very beneficial to the girls in her class.

The staff at Wiggins Middle School hopes that “Girl Talk” will help the girls in the 6th grade with their relationships with one another

Tigers Take Down Competition at Wiggins Meet

By Maddy Shepherd

The Wiggins High School wrestlers hosted the annual Wiggins Tournament on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Some of the participating teams were Valley, Miami Yoder, Merino, Brush, Byers, and several other teams. All of the Wiggins wrestlers won most of their matches, so this meet was a success for the team. This was a big tournament for the Wiggins wrestlers, as they are just about halfway into the season.

152-pound wrestler David Nance won two out of five of his matches on Saturday. 190-pound wrestler Matt Ewertz and heavy-weight Jake Donaghy won their matches on Saturday, and they have high expectations for themselves and their team. “I expect to make it to state and place. I also want to get my name on the board this year,” Donaghy said.

There is a lot of strength on the mat for David Nance, Ewertz, and Donaghy. “I feel like I have more confidence in coming back to win my matches. My strength on the mat is my stand-up; I feel like my setup is better than the other guy,” said Nance.

Since the team has lost some wrestlers, there is more work to do, and a lot of motivating for the team. According to Ewertz, there is a lot of preparing to do in the gym every day. “What I want to improve is everything to get back into shape so I can have a lot of good competitors leading up to regionals and state,” said Ewertz.

With regionals in sight, the team is working to prepare for victories and on the road to State Wrestling. The team’s goal is to get its wrestlers to to go to state, and get many wins at regionals. “My overall goal is to make it to state. I just gotta make sure I can do what I’m good at, and improve it even more,” said Nance.

The tournament was a success, and according to Ewertz and Donaghy, it’s all hard work from here on out. The wrestlers’ next meet is on Saturday, January 24, at Kennedy.