Wiggins Wrestling Takes on State

By Maddy Shepherd

Senior Matt Ewertz grabs the opponent's hand to attempt a half. Ewertz placed seventh at state.

Senior Matt Ewertz grabs the opponent’s hand to attempt a half. Ewertz placed seventh at state.

The Wiggins wrestling team took two wrestlers, 195-pound senior Matt Ewertz, and 113-pound freshman Cael Croissant, to the CHSAA State Wrestling Tournament at the Pepsi Center on Thursday, February 19, through Saturday, February 21, 2015. According to Coach Croissant, this was a successful season for the team because it laid a good foundation for the future.

Cael Croissant lost his first match on Thursday and also ended up losing his second match, a consolation match, on Friday, and was out of the competition. “I was disappointed in my outcome, but I tried my hardest,” he said.

This was Cael’s first year wrestling in high school, and according to his teammate, Omar Roman, he did well throughout the season, and improved a lot from the first match to State.

Ewertz won his first match on Thursday, advancing to the second round on Friday. He then lost his second match, moving into the second round consolations on Friday evening. Ewertz won his consolation match, advancing to the next bracket on Saturday, aiming for third place, but came up short by points and was taken out of the competition.

Ewertz finished in seventh place. “I wish I wasn’t as nervous as I was. I wish I could go back to my first match on Friday and win what I should have won,” said Ewertz.

This was Ewertz’s last high school wrestling meet, and according to his coach, this was a great season for him. “I had a great season, it just didn’t end well. It feels good to be done with this season, though, because my body was getting torn up,” said Ewertz.

According to Coach Croissant, the State Championships went okay, and his wrestlers gained a lot of experience, along with his other wrestlers throughout the season. “I think we need more guys to join to gain more support. It builds personality and makes them a better person overall,” said Coach Croissant.


Senior of the Month: Bernadette Kopetzky

By Trevor Dye

Senior Bernie Kopetzky serenades Tanna Hansen as part of the Voices group's annual singing Valentines. Bernie has been a member of WHS choir all four years of high school.

Senior Bernie Kopetzky serenades Tanna Hansen as part of the Voices group’s annual singing Valentines. Bernie has been a member of WHS choir all four years of high school.

Bernie Kopetzky is one of the two senior girls participating in track, and has very high hopes for her upcoming season in track. Kopetzky has been participating in track since her freshman year, and after last year’s season, she is now more ready than ever for track.

Throughout Kopetzky’s track career, she has made it to State once, and has taken 19th and 20th in regionals. Kopetzky plans to participate in the long jump, high jump, and the triple jump, and has very high expectations for her season this year. “I hope that I can make it in all three of the jumping events, and after the results from last year, I should be able to place at State this year,” said Kopetzky.

Coach Garcia is very proud of what Kopetzky has done in the past years, but is even more excited to see what she can accomplish this year. “She can jump, she is an excellent athlete, and I expect her to at least make it the the state finals, and hopefully place top 5,” said Garcia.

Kopetzky not only participates in track, but is also an active member in the Tiger Den Theatre.Throughout high school, she has been in a total of five plays, and she is now participating on her sixth and final play. “I have a pretty big part in the play, and I am really excited for the play, but I am sad that this will be my last chance to do a play,” said Kopetzky. Director Linda Epple is also sad that this is Kopetzky’s last year. “She has been in great addition to the Tiger Den Theatre, and she always brings energy to practice,” said Epple.

After high school, Kopetzky plans to attend Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. She wants to pursue a degree sonographics to become a ultrasound technician. “I am really excited for the new experience that college will bring, and I am very excited to see what my future holds,” said Kopetzky.

Tigers Wrestling Team Take Two to State

By Trevor Dye

The Wiggins High School wrestling team took five wrestlers to the regional wrestling meet on February 13 and 14. The Wiggins wrestlers were able to take two wrestlers, Matt Ewertz and Cael Croissant, to the State meet on February 19 through the 21.

Senior Matt Ewertz won the 195-pound bracket at the regional wrestling meet and entered the State Tournament with 29 wins and only six losses on the season. “I am really excited for what I can do coming into the State Tournament, and hopefully I can take home a State championship,” said Ewertz after regionals. Ewertz was the second seed in his bracket and was predicted by CHSAA to go to the Final match against Jareb Aziz.

Senior heavyweight wrestler Jake Donaghy was not able to make it to the State meet. Donaghy took sixth place, and to make it to State, he needed to take fourth. “I was really upset that this was my last season of wrestling, and not making it to State made it even worse,” said Donaghy. Donaghy was only able to win one of his matches, and after winning, he was forced to wrestle the regional champion, Keith Dunnagan.

113-pound wrestler Cael Croissant was able to make it to the State Wrestling Tournament as a freshman. Cael placed fourth at the Regional meet and secured himself a spot as the 12 seed. “It may have not been the hardest bracket, but I still had to work hard to get there, and I am very excited to wrestle at State as a freshman,” said Croissant.

The Wiggins wrestling team went to the State meet on Thursday, January 19, through Saturday the 21.

Lady Tigers End Regular-Season Games

By Roxanne Bashor

The high school girls played their last regular-season basketball game against Sedgwick County on Thursday, February 19, at NJC. Even though they lost their game, they will still be able to play in the pigtail games for a chance to advance to the league tournament.

Coach Jim Dechant was impressed that girls played until the end of the game even though they were behind. He said that they could have made more baskets, and that they have been shooting more in practice to improve.

Junior Laura Walker plays on Varsity and is on her third year of playing basketball. She has improved on her ball handling skills throughout the year and plans on doing more improving by playing basketball next year, too. She enjoyed playing this year because she has “been able to have fun and not worry entirely about winning,” said Walker.

Another player on Varsity is freshman Courtney Jenson, who has been working on her dribbling and communicating with her team mates. In the game against Sedgwick County, she said that the team worked hard the entire time. Jenson plans on playing hard again and getting more baskets in the next game.

Sophomore Charlee Teague has seen a lot of improvement in the team compared to last year. She expects that the team will try hard because they have been beat by this team before but had close games said Teague. Next year she looks forward to having a consistent coach and to getting better at basketball.

Second-year player and sophomore Valerie Sandoval has developed more confidence with her skill. In the last game, she should have gone up when she had the opportunities, said Sandoval. She looks forward to seeing the team and herself improve in upcoming years and being able to play college ball.

The Tigers’ next game will be against Merino on Monday, February 23, in Merino.


High Hopes for Trackletes this 2015 Year

By Lexi Ashbrook

Track season is right around the corner. The first official practice is Monday, February 23. The coaches this year are Mario Garcia, Stephanie Clark, and Dale Dubbs. Last year, some individuals on the track team competed very well at the State Championships, and Garcia said he hopes to take as many people as possible to state this year.

Garcia said he is anxious and excited for this track season. “We have a lot of returning kids who did well at state last year, and we also have new kids that will help us out a lot in different events,” said Garcia. According to Garcia, the girls’ team is going to be very strong this year with both sprinting and distance events. He said that the boys’ distance runners will be good again this year and the new athletes will solidify the sprinters as well as solidify the new throwers and jumpers.

Stephanie Clark is the new science teacher at Wiggins who ran long distance events in track and ran cross country for the University of Northern Colorado. As an avid runner, Clark is very excited for the upcoming season. “I am interested to see the talent we have from returning athletes and new athletes. I’m excited for returning athletes to chase down records they want to achieve and to challenge new athletes to potentially have an interest in reaching those records as well,” said Clark. Clark said she will more than likely be coaching distance because that is what she is most comfortable with, but as a coaching staff, they will be sharing a lot of the same events. She said she is looking forward to learning how to coach events she may not be as comfortable with. As a new coach, Clark has many goals for the Wiggins High School track team. “I am extremely interested in chasing down the league title on both the men’s and women’s side, as well as having participants compete at the State Championships,” said Clark.

Senior Bernie Kopetzky will be competing in long jump, triple jump, and high jump for her last year as a high school track athlete. “I am looking forward to the State Championships to see if I’ll be on the podium this year,” said Kopetzky.  At the State Championships in 2014, Kopetzky missed making finals in long jump by a quarter-of-an-inch. According to Kopetzky, her main goal this year is to break the school record in long jump which was set by Sabrina English in 1996. The record jump is 17’3”. Kopetzky’s personal record for long jump is 16’1.”

The Wiggins High School track team’s first meet will be in Fort Morgan for the Fort Morgan Invitational on Saturday, March 7, 2015. The meet will start at 9 a.m.

Slapstick Criticism: An Eye for an Eye

By Taylor Boyer

Very seldom do I dedicate my high-caliber journalism to someone, but this special article goes out to the person who stole the school’s Chromebooks and everyone else who steals, vandalizes, and pillages. Consider yourself lucky because few people ever do anything amazing (or stupid) enough to get an article dedicated to themselves.

I’m kind of shocked that someone would want to steal Chromebooks or destroy the school’s property, whether it be out of spite or whether you’re a kleptomaniac and can’t help but steal stuff. I, however, like being in a school where we don’t have to lock things up; it makes me feel like I’m surrounded by responsible, soon-to-be adults. With things like this happening, though, I’ve learned that this just clearly isn’t the case.

I seriously question whether there is still hope for people at this school. Not only have Chromebooks gone missing, but also the old maintenance pickup was destroyed. Students still occasionally get busted for possessing marijuana, and as punishment we still have to go to the restroom one at a time because we can’t be trusted in large groups out in the halls. How childish is that?

Please, I don’t want to think this is a slam on the teachers or staff; I’d do the same thing if students were being irresponsible and just plain horrible. It is sad that we have to be released to go to the bathroom one at a time, and that we have to lock our supplies up, but it seriously doesn’t have to be this way.

I can’t speak for everyone (actually I can because I have a column in a newspaper), but I’d be very happy if all of the laptop-lifting, privilege-stripping, pot-possessing children thought twice about their actions and how those actions affect others and not just themselves.

I’m also aware that some people are without moral centers and the above plea will do nothing to sway them, so consider this: if you get caught (and you will), your actions will stay with you forever, and as a consequence of most of these actions, you probably will be never able to get a job, or a house, or anything that matters. Just for four laptops? Here’s an idea; don’t do it. It’s ridiculously embarrassing to know that there are people in our school who still vandalize and steal.

I’m not sure how long it will take for us to realize that nothing good ever comes from doing bad and that we will almost always get caught in the end. Hopefully, we can learn how to clean up our act and have leniency and trust given back to us. Plus, I really don’t like waiting to go to the bathroom; I’ve had a few close calls.

Wiggins FBLA Chapter Attends District 3 Competition at NJC

By Ellyna Van

Thirty- three Wiggins students competed in the FBLA District 3 competition on February 10, and 23 will compete at State.

The day began with Sam Glenn, a motivational speaker, coming in as a guest speaker. Students were captivated by the speaker and his enthusiasm throughout his speech. “ I really like him! He was an effective speaker that motivated me to become a better leader,” said junior Kaeson Risner. Glenn spoke about having a good attitude and having courage is important.

Throughout the day, individuals and groups competed in the presentation portion. Some students’ events did not require a speaking portion in front of the judges, so as an alternative many attended a variety of workshops. According to freshmen attendees Kendra Smits and Cami Mendoza, they had a great experience at Districts because they got to meet many new people.

During sophomore Alli Kopetzky and senior Matt Ewertz’s presentation portion, they believed they did really well. Being well-prepared, they got first in Emerging Business Issues. “We had great teamwork, had spoken evenly throughout the presentation, and had good research,” said Ewertz.

This wasn’t the only group that had good preparation and got an outstanding outcome, according to FBLA advisor Dave Croissant. Other team events, such as Global Business, Entrepreneurship, and many others, placed in Districts and will be continuing to State.

“I am pleased with the results at Districts. The students going to state have a good opportunity to place and do well at State,” said Croissant. State FBLA will be held in Vail, Colorado, April 22-24.