Tigers Drama Club Attends UNC Drama Festival

By Maddy Shepherd

The Wiggins Drama Club attended the UNC Drama Festival on March 6, 2015. Many schools attended this event, including Haxtun, Greeley Central, Fossil Ridge, and many more. Drama students from all over the state attend this event at the University of Northern Colorado, where they go to workshops to expand their horizons on singing, acting, and dancing.

As the students entered the college, they were greeted with doughnuts and refreshments and then were seated in the auditorium. There was a brief opening speech explaining what the day was going to be like, and then the students broke off into the different workshops they chose to be in. “Hello! My Name Is…” was a sketch comedy workshop that helped get the students out of their comfort zone. The students wrote a short sketch, similar to sketches on the comedy show Saturday Night Live. “I was in this workshop, and I thought that it was fun getting to act out sketches,” said junior Trevor Dye.

There was another big workshop called “Acting is Believing.” The instructor taught the students about psychological gestures and how to connect with a character in a play. Seniors Lacey Eikenberg and Lexi Ashbrook attended this workshop. “We were assigned a part to a play, partnered up, and acted it out. We got some really good tips from our instructor,” said Eikenberg.

There were many other workshops to choose from, such as poetry, singing, dancing, and “Movement for the Actor.” “I really loved getting to connect to the people in my workshop, ‘Movement for the Actor.’ These people were very similar to me, and it was a lot of fun,” said junior Kamryn Sirios.

After the workshops ended, the students broke out for lunch. After lunch, the students gathered in the auditorium for the play, put on by the UNC Theatre Arts and Dance, called “Children of Eden.” The storyline followed the book of Genesis and featured lots of singing and dancing. “The play was good. I thought it didn’t follow the Bible in some senses, but it was great. Noah’s wife’s singing voice was amazing,” said Eikenberg.

As the play ended, the students traveled back to Wiggins. According to Dye, drama students should definitely attend this event in the future because they learn new things about acting and how to connect with their character in plays.



One thought on “Tigers Drama Club Attends UNC Drama Festival

  1. You guys did great on the play!

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