Tiger Baseball Kicks off New Season

By Maddy Shepherd

During the Tigers' game against Yuma, junior Tucker Baker relieves starting pitcher Trevor Dye. The Tigers lost this game 6-1.

During the Tigers’ game against Yuma, junior Tucker Baker relieves starting pitcher Trevor Dye. The Tigers lost this game 6-1.

The Wiggins baseball team started off their 2015 season competing in two double-headers against the Haxtun Bulldogs on Saturday, March 14, 2015, and the Yuma Indians on Tuesday, March 17.

The first Haxtun game ended with a losing score of 11-1, and the second game ended with another score of 10-0.  Senior starting pitcher for the Haxtun game, Caleb Cardwell, was disappointed in the outcome of his first game of the season. “I feel like I played well in the Haxtun game, but I didn’t play to the best of my ability,” said Cardwell.

The team took the loss and moved onto their next game against the Yuma Indians in Wiggins. This double-header game also resulted in two losses, with scores of 6-1 and 17-1. According to junior Dolphus Grindle, the team started off strong but fell apart due to the lack of communication on the field. “We lost focus on the game, and there was a lot of lack of caring if we won or not towards the end,” said Grindle.

Juniors Tucker Baker and Grindle said they are ready to better themselves and the team, so they can get some wins in their upcoming games. “I am going to work on being more focused the whole game, instead of just the first few innings,” said Baker.

The team had a meeting on last Wednesday in order to get the players to be mentally focused on the game. Questions and suggestions went around the room about what the team needs to do to get better and to help better themselves in practice. “I am going to take on the leadership role and make sure there is no screwing around in practice, so we can better ourselves as individuals and as a team,” said Baker.

It is a new week, and according to Cardwell, the team has a lot to work on. The Tigers are refocused, and are now preparing for their next game against Merino on March 28.


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