Senior of the Month: Caleb Cardwell

By Faythe Harris

Caleb Cardwell throws a strike during the Tigers' last league game. The Tigers lost to Sedgwick, affecting their rankings as they head into pigtails.

Caleb Cardwell throws a strike during the Tigers’ last league game. The Tigers lost to Sedgwick, affecting their rankings as they head into pigtails.

Getting a scholarship is something that almost every high school student strives to do, especially if one is a student athlete. For Caleb Cardwell that desire has become a reality. This year Caleb has received the opportunity to play baseball for York College in York, Nebraska. He received a scholarship for 2,000 dollars as a freshman, and each year that will increase.Caleb has played baseball since he was a young boy, and he said that getting this scholarship has been the goal he always shot for.

Besides baseball Caleb has also been involved in cross country and basketball during high school. “Caleb was definitely the guy on the team that ran for fun, he never took it very seriously,” said cross country teammate Maddy Shepherd. Cardwell hasn’t been involved in any clubs during high school and he said that it is one of his biggest regrets. Even though Caleb wasn’t involved in much other than sports, he is still very well known throughout the school.

Caleb has a very positive attitude and is always cracking jokes to make people laugh. “Caleb and I have been friends since I was a freshman, and he has always had a great attitude, and has helped me a lot in baseball,” said junior Trevor Dye.

Caleb said that so far his senior year is going well, but very fast. “I am really going to miss all of the good friends I’ve made,” said Cardwell. Caleb plans to leave for York in August, so he does have some time to spend with his friends. While at York Cardwell plans to study business management.


Tiger Baseball Loses to Wray, Beats Akron

By Laura Walker

The Wiggins Tigers baseball team suffered a loss to Wray on Saturday, April 18, but redeemed themselves with a victory over Akron the following Tuesday, April 21.

The first game the Tigers lost with a score of 11-2. The Tigers started out the game against Wray with a one-to-zero lead for the first three innings by a hit by Michael Martinez, who brought Caleb Cardwell in, but they lost their lead in the fourth when Wray hit a homerun, bringing the score to 1 to 3 by the top of the first inning. According to David Nance, there was a lot of tension throughout the team as the games were going.

The Tigers were then unable to score anymore until the sixth inning, which brought the score to three points. Wray was able to rack up nine more points with three in the third, two in the fourth, and four in the seventh, making it 12-3 final in the second game.“This game was not our best, that’s for sure, and the coaches were upset with our effort that we gave,” said junior Trevor Dye.

The team’s next game was the following Tuesday in Akron. According to Dye, the team was ready to play that day and redeem themselves from the Wray game. Both of the games were super close as the Tigers won by one point each game. The first game was 8 to 7 and the second game was 9 to 8. “It was a really exciting game to play with them being so close,” said Nance.

Their next game will be Friday, May 1, against Burlington at home with the games starting at 2 and 4 p.m.

Junior Class Hosts Prom in Paris

By Maddy Shepherd

Prom King Matt Ewertz crowns Queen Brittany Robinson at Saturday night's prom. “I was really excited that I got Prom King,” said Ewertz.

Prom King Matt Ewertz crowns Queen Brittany Robinson at Saturday night’s prom. “I was really excited that I got Prom King,” said Ewertz.

Wiggins High School’s junior class hosted their 2015 Prom, themed “Prom in Paris,” on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at the Longmeadow Event Center. The students got dressed up and were at the event center at 6:30 p.m. to get in line for the Grand March.

After all of the couples walked down the aisle, the Prom King and Queen were announced. Last year’s Prom Queen, Ashley Motley, crowned Matt Ewertz as this year’s Prom King, and Brittany Robinson as Prom Queen. “I was really excited that I got Prom King,” said Ewertz.

After the parents left, the students crowded the dance floor. There were multiple varieties of music played, such as pop, classic rock, country, and line dances including the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle. “I thought the music was alright. It felt like a throwback day, but it was good,” said junior Faythe Harris.

There were a lot of students on the dance floor for the whole night, until it ended at 11 p.m. “I was the only junior that stayed for the whole dance. I had fun with my date and my friends dancing the night away. It was definitely a night to remember,” said junior Shayla Lehr.

As the dance came to a close, the students came to the Wiggins Event Center for After Prom. After Prom featured many activities to do, such as giant hamster balls, a mechanical bull, the bungee race, ping pong, and a photobooth. According to Lehr, the hamster balls was her favorite activity. “It was a lot of fun running in the hamster ball. I felt so big to be in it,” said Lehr.

After Prom also featured junior and senior raffle prizes. The junior prizes included Denver Zoo tickets, Denver Museum of Nature and Science tickets, and charging docks. The senior prizes included cash prizes, flat screen TVs, and Keurig Coffee Machines. Junior Trevor Dye won a $30 gift card to Hibbitt Sports, and senior Jade Cradell won a Ninja Blender.

The 2017 class hosts next year’s Prom. According to Harris, this was a successful night.

Wiggins Students Attend Math and Science Competition

By Roxanne Bashor

Wiggins High School took nineteen students to the NJC Math and Science Competition to complete tests in different math and science categories on Wednesday, April 15.

Students took the science tests first. The choices were Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and 9th-grade science. Following that, the students took the math tests. The different options were Calculus, Senior Math, Trigonometry, Algebra II, and Geometry. If students did not want to take either a math or science test, then they had the option to take the critical thinking tests for their grade level.

This year on all of the tests, calculators were not allowed. Since this rule was enforced, Shelby Hart did not attend because she was unable to use a calculator on the Calculus test.

Among the students that attended the competition was freshman Mark Weinstein, who completed the Geometry and 9th-grade science tests. He thought that he did pretty well on both of the tests, but the science test was by far easier than the math test.

In each category for each test, the top three test scores were recognized. No one from Wiggins was in the top three, but everyone answered what they could, said math and science teacher Dr. Mike Saulmon.

Sophomore Alli Kopetzky did the Trigonometry and Biology tests. “I feel like I did really well on the things that I had been taught before in class,” said Kopetzky. She has been to this competition before, when she was in middle school.

Saulmon was the sponsor for this trip, and he said that he was impressed that everyone worked hard and did the best that they could do.This was the first time in a long time that Wiggins was able to take kids to this event, and “the trigonometry, senior math, and physics tests were quite different than what I expected” said Saulmon.

Another student that attended was junior Blake Ferris, who worked on the Trigonometry and Chemistry tests. Ferris said that he enjoyed hanging out with his friends throughout the day and that he will definitely attend again if he is given the opportunity.

Since no one from Wiggins placed in the top three in any category, we don’t know what everyone scored yet, but we should know by the academic awards banquet on May 12.

Wiggins Middle School Wrestling Finishes Up the Year by Taking Three Kids to State

By Roxanne Bashor

The Wiggins Middle School wrestling team had a total of thirteen kids go out for wrestling this year. Of those thirteen, Logan Goddard, Marc Barkdoll, and Chayce Stanley made it to the State Competition that was held on April 3-4 in Denver.

Eighth-grader Barkdoll wrestled in the 100-pound weight class throughout the season. Barkdoll said that he enjoyed wrestling this year because they had a larger team that was able to be a lot more competitive. “It was fun being a leader and also improving my attitude and skill,” said Barkdoll.

Another eighth grader, who wrestled in the 220-pound weight class, is Stanley. He said that he improved pretty dramatically on everything that he learned, and he would definitely wrestle once he gets to high school. Stanley made it to the State Competition, where he wrestled better in his second match than his first, although he was unable to get a pin, he said.

One eighth-grader, Goddard, also wrestled at the State Competition in the 122-pound weight class. He said that State was his favorite part of the season, although it moved a lot faster than other tournaments that he had attended.

Coach Croissant said that he was very impressed by the group of kids he had this year because they were able to improve and become League Champions. “The kids learned what the sport is about and that is what is really important,” said Croissant.

Now that this year’s season is over, Croissant hopes for a team next year that is just as large and competitive as this year’s team.

International Club Hosts Cajun Boil to Fundraise Europe Trip in June of 2016

By Lexi Ashbrook

Sophomore Bailey Eklund seasons the seafood for International Club's Cajun boil fundraiser. This will be Eklund's first trip with the club.

Sophomore Bailey Eklund seasons the seafood for International Club’s Cajun boil fundraiser. This will be Eklund’s first trip with the club.

On Friday, April 17, 2015, at 5:30, a Cajun boil was held in Wiggins at the Wiggins Event Center. The International Club was fundraising for their trip to Europe in June of 2016. The International Club is traveling to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, and France.

Michael Saulmon, math and science teacher at Wiggins High School, is the sponsor for the trip. According to Saulmon, the Cajun boil went very well. He said that the food was good, the service was good, the kids helped out a lot and so did a lot of the parents. The International Club spent a total of $2,500 on food alone and profited only $300. Saulmon said the cost per child is approximately $4,300. “This fundraiser was by far the most complicated and involved. We learned from our mistakes and we can tweak it for next time so it can work with us making a good profit,” said Saulmon. They are planning on doing more fundraisers in the summer and fall of 2015. “We will be having a booth at the 4th of July bash, another Cajun boil at the beginning of the school year, concessions during the school year, and we will also be sending out a letter to businesses for donations,” said Saulmon. The money that’s raised is divided equally between all the students that worked at the fundraisers.

Junior Dillon Donaghy is one of many students planning on attending the trip in 2016. “There was a lot of preparation put into the Cajun boil. We helped set up tables and put table cloths on them, cleaned and prepared the kitchen, plated desserts, and helped cook the food,” said Donaghy. Donaghy said he really enjoyed the Cajun boil, but he said it was hard to earn a profit by selling tickets. The cost of the tickets was $25, and the cost at the door was $30. There were two designated times for the Cajun boil, which were 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. so they would have enough time between crowds of people to cook more food.

The International Club’s next fundraising event will be their booth at the 4th of July bash in Wiggins.

Wiggins Baseball Team Claims Victory over Weldon Valley

By Laura Walker

The Wiggins baseball team claimed a victory over the Weldon Valley Warriors of 18 to 4 last Monday, April 13.

The team started out with only one run in the first three innings, while the Warriors had brought in four runners. Two of Weldona’s runners were RBIs (runners batted in) and two of them were walked to home by the pitcher. Cody Ryan was the pitcher and had two strikeouts before Austin Perry came in to relieve him in the third inning. “I liked pitching and being able to play at one of my favorite spots,” said Ryan.

Then in the bottom of the fourth inning the Tigers brought in fourteen runs before the last hitter was tagged out at first, ending the inning. The fifth inning the Tigers were able to keep the Warriors from getting any other runs with a strikeout, a pop fly catch, and a tag at first base. Wiggins ten-runned Weldona and ensured their fourth win of the season. David Nance felt very happy after the game and also felt that the team needed it to overtake how they felt after their loss to Caliche the last Saturday.

The team tried out a new lineup as they put in freshman Ryan as the starting pitcher and Nance behind the home plate. This was a first for both of these players at those positions. “It was a really new experience, but I would rather my normal spot at third base and let Tucker Baker take the plate like he normally would,” said Nance.

According to senior Caleb Cardwell, the game went pretty well since they had a new lineup and were able to get a win even with the change up. He played first base during this game, but he and many of the upperclassmen had played the different positions before, so it wasn’t as big of a change for them.

The Tiger’s next game will be on April 18, at 11 and 1 pm as a double header league game with Wray.