Wiggins FFA Members Participate in Speaking Contests

By Roxanne Bashor

The Wiggins FFA chapter held their annual chapter speaking contests on November 16. They then sent their top speakers of the Creed and Prepared Speaking Contests to the district competition held on November 18.

The freshman FFA members were required to recite the FFA Creed and answer questions pertaining to it. The winners of the chapter contest were Tanna Hansen in 1st, Jessie Gilbert in 2nd, and Cheyenne Lehr in 3rd. The top two winners attended the district contest to compete against other Ag I students from their district.

Hansen was in the silver category at the district competition. Hansen said she enjoyed the questioning part of the contest the most because she liked the questions that were asked, although “One thing that was difficult was recovering from a mistake that I made in the second paragraph,” said Hansen.

Gilbert was also in the silver category for the Creed. Between the chapter and district contests, she researched some of the history of the FFA to give her more information for the questioning part of the contest. She enjoyed “advancing in public speaking,” and also hopes to advance through participating in the quiz bowl and horse judging contests, said Gilbert.

Sophomore Jacob McFadden was the only member from the Wiggins FFA chapter to participate in Prepared Speaking at the district contest. His speech was on the topic of American Bull Riding. He received a bronze for his speech, and he thought that his best area was the questioning, said McFadden.

One of the chapter Creed Speaking judges was high school counselor Josh Gibbs. He was a former FFA member himself, and he asked a question to all of the Creed speakers as a part of the contest. Gibbs said he was impressed that some of the students already knew what they wanted to do for the Supervised Agricultural Experience, since that is one of the key factors of FFA.


FFA Ramps up for the Year

By Roxanne Bashor

The Wiggins FFA chapter Program of Activities committees started their yearly events by holding a dodgeball night for their chapter and having a winter wear drive for the community. The chapter also sent two members to National Convention, and they had two state officers talk to each Ag class.

The Chapter POA organized a dodgeball night for the entire chapter as a fun activity for member bonding, said sophomore Tyler Hein. “We wanted to show the freshmen that FFA isn’t just sitting around in classes and meetings,” said Hein.

The Community POA committee held a winter wear drive to collect winter clothes that would be  donated to Caring Ministries in Fort Morgan. Junior Shane Finegan is one of the leading officers in charge of this event, and he hopes that this activity has promoted the FFA in the community.

Senior Shayla Lehr and graduate Cody Corsentino were the two members that went to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Lehr went on this trip to represent the Wiggins FFA Chapter and experience the convention as a whole. She enjoyed being surrounded by everyone in blue jackets since there were over 60,000 members that attended the convention.

Corsentino went to National Convention because he won the Grain Production Placement Proficiency Award at State Convention in May and was one of the top four finalists in his category at the National level. He also received his American Degree. Overall, it was great way to end his journey as a member, and he will definitely miss the trips with other members, said Corsentino.

Two of the 2015-2016 Colorado State Officers visited the Wiggins FFA chapter and led each class in different activities. The freshman Ag I class participated in a fun activity in which they drew pictures with toothpaste, and then had to replace the remaining toothpaste in the tube, said freshman Alexis McCombs. She enjoy this activity because “it taught me how important teamwork really is, and it will help me make decisions in the future,” said McCombs.

The chapter plans on staying busy by holding their annual fruit sales and attending District Leadership Conference in the upcoming weeks.

Wiggins Football Comes to an End

By Makayla Harris


Tucker Teague holds the line during fourth quarter of the second round of state playoffs. The Tigers lost to Buena Vista, ending their season. 

The Tiger football team saw their season come to an end as they lost to Buena Vista on November 14. The Tigers ranked eighth and Buena Vista ranked first, so the Tiger football boys were not favored to win this one.

Junior Cody Huwa said this game meant a lot to him because it gave him the opportunity to experience this with some of his closest friends that he won’t get the opportunity to play with again. The Tigers started by shutting down the Demons’ running game, but it wasn’t enough, and they ended the first quarter down 22 to 0.

The Tigers went into this playoff game with many injures, and according to junior Max Smialek, that is what hurt them the most. Even injuries couldn’t keep some of the Tigers boys down, according senior Tucker Teague, who played the entire game with a broken hand. Even the Tigers’ defensive game shutting down the Demons’ running and passing game wasn’t enough to keep them out of the endzone, ending the second quarter down 36 to 0.

Coming back from halftime, the Tigers had the support of the crowd behind them. “We came back out onto the field and just knew that we had to execute our offence,” said junior Shane Finegan. With offence making some ground, they were able to hold the Demons back, ending the third quarter down 43 to 0.

In the fourth quarter, the Tigers made it into the endzone. Senior Kaeson Risner made a run for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, ending the game 50 to 6.

Even with the lose the team made it farther into the season than they has the year before. “Just the experience of being on the field and being a part of the Wiggins football program has helped make me a better athlete both mentally and physically,” said Huwa

The Tigers ended their season with an 8 – 3 record.

Senior of the Month: Faythe Harris

By Courtney Jenson


Senior of the Month Faythe Harris serves during the Tigers’ district volleyball game. Faythe led the league with her hitting percentage.

Faythe Harris made top five in her volleyball league in hitting percentage, kills, and total blocks, leading the Lady Tigers to take third in their league. “I felt good and happy to have a big accomplishment for my volleyball season,” said Faythe.

In the league Faythe is first in hitting percentage with a .449, second in kills with 278, and fourth in blocks with 52.  “ It was my best season not only because of the stats but because I was able to lead my team and because we had the most successful season,” said Faythe.

Many parents and teammates said that Faythe is a team player who showed lots of support and had a lot of enthusiasm as she played.  “Faythe was a leader on and off the court, and she made huge improvements as far as consistency. She was a leader statistically for us and the league,” said Coach Erin Kerr. “She grew as a player mentally, and therefore her physical game benefited from her maturity.”

According to freshman setter Chloe Baker, Faythe was a good team leader because no matter what, she would always try to get people up. Baker admired her because even when she got it wrong, she would say, “I got the next one.”

Faythe lettered all four years of high school in volleyball and her senior year she made All-Conference. Faythe also played in club volleyball team last year and plans on playing in it this year.

After volleyball season was over, Faythe lettered all three years in track as well, and qualified for state in all three years. She made All-State in 2014 and 2015. Last year Faythe got second in the 400 and got State Champion in the Sprint Medley . Faythe plans on going to State again this year in track.

Over the years Faythe has acquired a lot of wisdom. Faythe’s advice to incoming freshmen is: “Focus on time management, and make sure you stay dedicated to your sport but still have time for school and family and friends, because the time will go by.”

As Faythe heads out of high school and into college, she plans to get a degree in physical therapy. One of her choices is to go to Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, where they have a great Physical Therapy Assistant hands-on course.

“I am going to miss the sense of security. Having my schedule already to go and that my momma is their to take care of me. My friends and doing multiple sports at the same time,” said Faythe Harris.

Boys’ Basketball Gears Up for Another Season

By Courtney Jenson

The Wiggins boys’ basketball team is starting practice and hoping to have a winning season. “Just by coming together, working hard, having fun and being more of a team instead of individualized players, we can have a better season than last year,” said junior Cody Huwa.

This season, the boys’ basketball team has two new coaches, Corey Stumpf and Zack  Wyn. Stumpf is the head coach, and Wyn is the assistant coach. Coach Stumpf is looking to improve from last season, have fun, and make the game enjoyable.  “This year [Stumpf] wants to improve on developing a passion for the game,”said senior Austin Dinis.

The boys are coming off of a 8 and 11 season, in which they did not make the postseason. Senior Reid Ernst expects to improve by  working together and become more of a team throughout the year. The boys this year are expecting to win more than they did and improve on important skills to win the games that they need to accomplish their goals.

 Their plan this year is to go all the way to State. “We plan on going all the way. That’s what you have to say in the beginning to get where you want go,” said Stumpf.

The Tigers’ first game will be December 1, 2015, at the Wiggins Event Center against the Weldon Valley Warriors.  JV will start at 5:00 and varsity will follow.

Lady Tigers Prepare for New Season

by Faythe Harris

The Wiggins High School girls’ basketball team has been preparing all summer and are ready to take on their season. With ten freshman and a new assistant coach, they are hoping to change the reputation of Lady Tiger basketball.

The Lady Tigers achieved only two wins in last year’s season and are hoping to make a change. The new assistant coach, Dale Dubbs, who came up from middle school, says that the girls need to focus on controlling the tempo of the game and of course work on fundamentals.

This June, the girls played in a competitive league in Sterling every Tuesday night. “I have pretty high hopes; we were missing a lot of people and still competing well with a lot of the teams,” said senior Laura Walker.

Along with the ten freshman, there are three players who have yet to step on the Tiger court: Makayla Harris, Dezy Cardona, and Janeen Ibrahim. Janeen is a junior who transferred from Weldon Valley. She says that being a part of this team is different from the Warriors because there is less running, more support, and they set aside time to learn plays.

Dubbs coached the freshman girls last year in middle school “All of those kids I had before have all been successful, so they should transition to being successful at the higher level,” Dubbs said.

The girls’ first game is December 1 against Weldona. This game will also be their first home opener. “We have a lot more girls and are very excited for what this season may bring,” said junior post Charlee Teague.

Choir and Voices Students Attend League Choir

By Ellyna Van

Two hundred fourteen voices harmonized together at the LPAA League Choir Festival this year at Yuma High School on November 10 with five middle schools and six high schools attending. Thirty-six Wiggins students attended League, twenty- eight middle schoolers and eight high schoolers.

Before attending League, the choir and Voices teacher Mr. Jeff Everett made sure his students were prepared for the concert. “We practiced a lot. I had to practice different parts because I sing both the tenor and bass parts of the songs,” said junior Josh Dorren. The Voices and choir groups practiced everyday until the morning they left for League.

Students arrived early in the morning at Yuma and went straight to rehearsal at 8:30 a.m. The director, Donna Solverud, performance polished the choir and made sure everyone knew their parts, said Everett.They spent a majority of the day rehearsing, but they still had time for a lunch break and a dinner break.

Before the final performance, all the attendees had a dress rehearsal. The concert started at 6:30; they performed four songs:  “So it Goes,” “Run Mary Run,” “A Choral Flourish,” and “Ani Ma’amin.” A favorite among these was “Ani Ma’amin” due to its sound and passion, said senior Becky Kopetzky. “The concert went pretty well; everyone knew their parts, and that created a really pretty sound,” she said.

Senior Madison Shepherd has attended every League Choir performance since 7th grade. “It’s bittersweet because it’s my last year. It’s always pretty boring when we practice in the room, but it’s fun when you actually get to perform with everyone,” said Shepherd.   

The Wiggins choir and Voices classes will be next behaving a Christmas concert in the Event Center; the middle school concert will be on December 14 at 7:00 p.m. and the high school concert will be on December 15 at 7:00 p.m.