The Apathetic Cog

By Taylor Boyer

I honestly don’t think I’m ready for the future. Don’t get me wrong: I want to get out of high school and go to college, but I’m just questioning the conventional means by which people receive their post-high school education. Why is everything structured the way it is? Why is college such a concrete institution that has done things the same way for decades?

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world; I remember telling myself early on that I was going to choose a career that would allow me to make a positive difference in a lot of people’s lives. I never want that goal to be extinguished by going to college. I’m afraid that after high school I’ll just become some apathetic cog in society and I’ll no longer have the desire to make a difference.

Look at all of the expectations that society has put on everyone. I just hate how many people seem bogged down by stress and low motivation, and view their jobs as obligations. That’s the point that I don’t ever want to reach; I always want to love what I do. This even applies to the present: I won’t participate in anything if I don’t believe that I’ll enjoy it or will be able to make a substantial difference in whatever it is I’m doing.

I suppose the main goal of my seemingly disconnected article is to plead with you to always love what you do. Never do something because you think it will please someone, you’re never going achieve your fullest potential if you’re being held back by others’ expectations. If this article doesn’t turn on a light bulb in your mind, it will at least serve as a reminder to myself that I have big goals that I want to reach.  


Lady Tigers Succeed in Winter Tournament

By Cody Huwa

Last weekend, the Wiggins Lady Tigers basketball team came together and went 2-0 in the Holiday tournament.

“During the tournament, I thought we were going to do pretty well. I expected us to take first because we have come along way from last year,” said sophomore guard Courtney Jensen.  Because of scheduling issues, a winner could not be determined for the tournament. Each team only played two of the four teams, so a champion could not be crowned.

The Lady Tigers started off the weekend with a win against the Montbello Warriors 40-35.  The Lady Tigers had seven players who scored points and two who were in double digits.  Laura Walker was named player of the game of the first game.

Walker led the team with 15 points and racked up  two steals, four assists, and 6 six rebounds.  Walker said that she did all that she could, and she was happy with her performance.

The Tigers gathered all their points inside the paint; free throws were a crucial part of the Tigers success, as the team went 19-28 at the free throw line.

In the next game the Lady Tigers played Bruce Randolph. The Tigers beat the Grizzlies 44-14.

Junior Kamryn Seiber was picked as player of the game of the second game. She was able achieve 12 points and 5 rebounds for the varsity team. Sieber said that it was great to know that she could do her job for her team.

The Lady Tigers will take on the Weld Central Rebels tonight, December 17 at 5:00. “We are ready to go out and get another win before we go on Winter Break,” said senior forward Brienna Baer.  

A Christmas Show: Wiggins Music Department Hosts Annual Concert


The Wiggins Voices group sings their “family portrait” song, “The Heart of Christmas,” at Wednesday’s Christmas Show. The Voices group sings this song every year. 

This year’s high school winter band and choir concert was held on December 16, 2015, in the Event Center at 7:00 p.m.

The concert started with the high school band playing ¨Star Spangled Christmas.¨ Junior Alli Kopetzky played ¨We Three Kings¨ with her baritone saxophone in place for her duet with Alex Whitehouse, who was not present to play with her. ¨I chose this song because it is my favorite Christmas song,¨ said Kopetzky.

For the choir portion, were two groups, the Voices and the Trio. The Voices are of Kaylee Marting, Maddy Shepherd, Josh Dorren, Layla Brautigam, Becky Kopetzky, Dakota Baker, and Dolphus Grindle. The Trio was Julie Rowe, Dusty Gildow, and Maria Rosales.

The Trio sang a total of three songs for the program, which were ¨Falling Snow,¨ ¨Bye, Bye Blackbird,¨ and ¨Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.¨ The Voices also sang three songs: ¨Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth,¨  ¨The Heart of Christmas,¨ and ¨We Love You Christmas.¨

Shepherd and Becky Kopetzky were the only ones that sang solos out of the Voices group. Shepherd sang the song ¨God is With Us.¨  ¨I sang this song because my grandma and I both like this song, so I sang it for her,¨ said Shepherd.

Becky sang the song ¨White Christmas¨ as she played the ukulele. She said she chose to do this song because it was the easiest to sing and play the ukulele at the same time.

Eikenberg and Baker did a duet that they wrote together called ¨Holiday Medley,¨ with Baker on the bass and Eikenberg on the drums.

The night ended with the Voices singing the song ¨We Love You Christmas.¨ The band’s next performance will be in February at League, and the choir´s will be during their spring concert.

Saturday Night Roadkill: Wiggins Beats Deer Trial

By Makayla Harris

On December 12, the Wiggins Tigers beat the Deer Trail Eagles 64 to 22. According to junior forward Max Smailek, playing a team that is out of their league is usually intimidating to most teams, but the the Tigers looked at it as an opportunity to see how they match up with other leagues, and it lets them see what they can really do.

The Tigers started the game with an early lead over the Eagles, ending the first quarter 16 to 5.  The boys’ expectation going into this game was to work on their communication with each other. According to sophomore guard Teggan Freauff, they could still use some help in that area, but they did a good job.

The Tigers played well together, having very few turnovers and a high shooting percentage against the Eagles. “We had each others’ backs, and our coach was a big part of keeping the team collected, composed, and focused on the game,” said junior guard Cody Huwa. In this game against the Eagles, staying focused and keeping their heads on the game not on the players themselves was a major part of the game, according to Coach Corey Stumpf.

With Deer Trail being such a physical team, the Tiger boys had to keep calm and play their game, according to Smailek. The Tigers never lost their lead, ending the second quarter 33 to 13.

Coming back from halftime, the Tigers keep their momentum and their lead, ending the third quarter 54 to 17. “Our attitude, physicality, and staying positive is what made us so successful during this game,” said Smailek.

The boys’ next game is December 17 at Weld Central starting at 7:oo pm.

Boys’ Basketball Falls to the Mustangs

By Faythe Harris

Sophomore Teggan Freauff stood out with his defensive ability last week in the Tiger basketball loss against the Prairie Mustangs, according to many of his teammates. The Wiggins Tigers boys’ basketball team fell to the Mustangs 48-54.

The Tigers took the early lead, ending the first quarter 11-8. After that, however, the Mustangs took the lead in scoring in the second quarter, causing a tie at 26 for halftime. In the second half, the boys were not able to achieve the offensive game they were anticipating, which caused the loss.

“Our team has to focus on running through the offense and finding the open man,” said senior starter Kaeson Risner. Senior starter Reid Ernst agreed with Risner on this and said that offense is one of the main things their team needs to work on for the next game.

The Tiger defense did their job, making it the close game that is was. Along with Freauff, Ernst played aggressive defense and was able to contribute to the team. “Their defense looked really good, better than last year,” said Brienna Baer, a member of the girls’ basketball team that watched the game. The Tigers still hope to be able to create a faster paced game that their new coaching staff is looking for.

“The coaches have brought a lot to the team, and I think all of us respect them more than we have previous coaches,” said Freauff. With these changes being made, the boys are hoping to come out hard in their next game. Risner said that their goal is to push the ball and create more fast breaks.

The boys’ next game will be at Liberty Commons on Thursday, December 10, at 5:30.


Wiggins Boys’ Basketball Team Opens Season with a Win

By Ellyna Van


Senior Austin Dinis goes up for a lay-up to increase the Tigers’ score over the Weldon Valley Warriors. The Tigers won in their home opener 67-42.

The Wiggins boys’ basketball team won their first home game of the season 67-42 against Weldona on December 1.

Senior Kaeson Risner scored the first basket and started the lead against Weldona. “We hustled and the transition of the ball was really fast,” said junior Cody Huwa, a guard on the varsity team. He believes that this contributed to the team’s win. “Speed is really important, and it’s something I contribute to the team,” said Huwa.

Team chemistry played a role in the win against Weldona, too, said junior Max Smialek, a point guard. The chemistry transferred to the court, and it helped with the overall win for the varsity boys. “The team’s extremely connected,” said Smialek.

Although the team won, they still have some things to improve upon, according to junior Shane Finegan, a guard. The team gave up many points from layups by Weldona. “The team needs to work on their defense,” said Finegan. “Personally, I need to work on my defense, too.” Finegan is a starter for the varsity and hopes the team will have a much-improved season from last year’s that ended with 10 and 12.

Throughout the varsity team, every player contributes something different to the overall team. “I help with the defense,” said junior Connor Kaufman, a guard. Kaufman had five-plus steals throughout the game.   

The boys’ next basketball game is at Liberty Commons in Fort Collins on Thursday, December 10 starting at 7:30 pm.

Karl Mecklenburg Visits Wiggins High School

By Makayla Harris


Former Bronco Karl Mecklenburg shakes hands with Wiggins alumnus and employee Cody Corsentino. WHS administration brought in Mecklenburg to motivate students.

Professional football player Karl Mecklenburg came to Wiggins High School on Tuesday, December 1, to motivate the students to always reach for the top. Principal Trent Kerr expects the students to take from his speech to always do their best no matter what. “Whether it is a first draft of a paper or a pre-game practice for basketball, I want to see the students do their best,” said Kerr.

Parent Brent Huwa brought this opportunity to Wiggins High School. Mecklenburg went to one of Huwa’s company’s team-building workshops, and Huwa liked what he had to say so much that he got in contact with Wiggins High School athletic director Aaron Phillips to see if that was something that Wiggins would be interested in.

Mecklenburg spoke to the high school, middle school, and some elementary classes. “He made a great point when he said that the Lord has blessed us and that he has given us more talent than we even know, and that we just need to realize that and become our best selves,” said Phillips.

Mecklenburg started his speech by showing a highlight reel of his time on the Denver Broncos. Then he told about how he wasn’t the first pick or the second, but he was the third-to-last pick to make it into the NFL. “I knew that I wasn’t the first person that they wanted on their team but this game,” he said. “It was my passion, and it was something that I knew that I could always strive to be better at.”

According to Phillips, the best part of his speech was that Mecklenburg didn’t make it just about athletics, but about everything. He talked about how athletics, grades, and attitude all go hand in hand. He made his speech about life and because of that, he was able to have the attention of everyone in the gym.

Kerr said he hopes to see an improvement in all of the students after they heard what Mecklenburg had to say.