Christmas Ideas for Your Guy

Christmas gifts for guys are hard. Some guys are open and honest with want they want, but then you have your indecisive guys who have no idea what they want. From personal experience, more guys are indecisive than honest. Even if you have ideas on what you want to get your guy, this guide will help you out more.

Your sporty guy:

If your boy spends more time on the court or field than he does at home, then he probably wants something sporty. A couple of good ideas for your sporty guy is to think about his favorite sports team. Maybe he wants something that relates or is of his favorite sports team. Shoes and socks are always a good way to go. Socks are sweet, and I have learned that a lot of guys like to show off their cool socks to their guy friends. Underarmour is a great brand that everyone finds warm and comfortable. Nike shoes and socks are always good, but Underarmour is the way to go when it comes to sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Your nerdy movies/books guy:

Not that your boy is automatically nerdy if he likes Happy Potter and Stars Wars and a lot of other things, but here are some ideas. If your boy likes nerdy books, he probably would like the movies, if they have a movie series on the book. If he likes the movies, then get him like a t-shirt based on the movie. Some movies like the DC and Marvel movies have comics and books based on each character, they may be interested in that.

Your classy guy:   

Some guy takes pride in what they wear and what they look like. Nike may seem like only a sporty place, but I promise you they have some really classy shoes that would look good with jeans and a nicer t-shirt. Most guys like watches. Your classy guy would probably really enjoy having a nice watch, not only for convience, but for style. You can also never go wrong with a button-up shirt. A pair of nice jeans are also a good gift for your guy.

Your outdoorsy guy:

Your outdoorsy guy may want some things to make his life easier. Bonoculars are a good gift if he goes hunting a lot. Coats, Colorado has some cold winters, so if you buy him a coat, he will be cozy and happy. Flashlights are good if he goes out at night. Warm clothes are essential for your guy.

Your the unrealalistic brat boy:

Your brat would probably love to have the new iPhone 7s, but make sure it is not just the 7 because he may be extremely mad at you. The hoverboard is a must for your child. Beware though, make sure that your boy is safe and get him a hoverbaord that isn’t going to blow up whenever he is on it. Drones are also something you could get your boy, even though it will be broken within a week, at least they can brag to all of their friends.

No matter what you get your guy, I am sure he will love it. He knows that you tried really hard picking out a good gift for him. Christmas is not all about the gifts you receive. It is so much more than that. Spend Christmas with the people that you love and care about.


Tiger’s Cross Country Finish The Season Strong

State Cross Country was a huge success for the Wiggins team, with seniors Connor Kaufman and Maggie Allen competing for state. Kaufman took 9th and Allen 14th. Both seniors will be ending their season by running at Nike’s Cross Country Regional Race in Casa Grande, Arizona on November 19.

With this being Allen’s last cross country race of her high school career she is hoping to break, since it is at a lower altitude, and just have fun. “ I am expecting to see really hard competition during this race,” said Allen.

This will be Kaufman’s second time running this race. From the first time running this race Kaufman thought that it was a good experience, you get to meet a lot of new people, and get to run in Arizona. “ I am hoping to break 16 minutes for this race,” said Kaufman.

Junior Courtney Jenson also competed at State Cross Country and finished 8th in the field.

After the Nike Cross Country Regional Race you will be seeing these three running in track in the spring.

Dale Dubbs: the man, the myth, the legend

Claire Boyer

462 funerals. 176 carrier take-offs and landings. 88 missions. The numbers in Dale Dubbs´ life today are written on a whiteboard before a classroom filled with students but these are the numbers that defined a period in his life. Dubbs is the only service veteran on staff at Wiggins High School and he remembers these numbers like they were yesterday.

Dubbs’ plane was docked on the USS Hornet, which allowed him to be stationed close to Vietnam in order to act as ground support. Dubbs witnessed trial in war, sorrow, and saw the negativity the American people possessed for soldiers involved in the Vietnam War. Dubbs was an active member of the Marines during this time. He was the pilot of an aircraft known as the F-4, and he served as ground support for the American troops. Flying, especially as ground support, required immeasurable amounts of skill in the cockpit of an F-4. Dubbs, of course, possessed such skill and was able to be relied upon by many soldiers fighting on the ground. Dubbs recalls a specific job that entailed dropping Napalm over fire bases that were being overrun by enemy fighters. According to Dubbs, dropping Napalm slowed down the enemy’s advance into the American fire bases. This was an important task in the defense of our country during this violent time of adversary.

Another crucial job that allowed Dubbs to stay on American soil was a certain assignment called “weasel hunting.” Weasel hunting, as Dubbs described, was a search for missiles that had been reported to be seen as a threat to the country’s safety. The squad involved in the destruction of such missiles would fly to the location and retrieve the explosive. Dubbs made sure to point out that he was successful in the extraction of the missiles in every weasel hunt he was a part of.  

After the Air Force had been grounded in the later part of the war, Dubbs’ next task was to carry out a service known as Escort Duty. “Escort Duty,” Dubbs describes, “is when you pick up bodies of fallen service members, such as Marines.” After picking up the bodies, those on Escort Duty would return the fallen heroes to their homes and families. Dubbs describes this as his “most difficult mission.” Bringing individual men back to wives and children who had never met their father was, as you can imagine, heartbreaking. Dubbs never escorted a man without meeting and grieving with the family. Being the officer in charge, Dubbs was tasked with the assignment to conduct the military- sanctioned funerals for the soldiers that lost their lives. The American people owe escorts a great amount, but that debt was definitely not repaid during that violent time. Crowds of rowdy and upset Americans would sometimes meet the soldiers in the insecure parts of the airport where they would face disrespect, dishonor, and pure hatred from citizens for fighting in the Vietnam War. Dubbs says, “Because the Vietnam War was not a popular war among the American public, I would get spit on and called names while escorting the caskets of the fallen service men.” Years later, Dubbs can still recall all 462 escorts he partook in because of the impact it left on him and fellow service men.

As Veteran’s Day is approaching, it would be fitting for the youth as well as the adults of this community to honor and respect all Veterans for all they did to serve and protect our country. Servicemen like Dale Dubbs deserve to be recognized and thanked for the sacrifice they made. Honor the fallen, the wounded, and the living on this day, for America would not be the land of the free and the home of the brave without men like Dubbs.



State Cross Country

The Wiggins Tigers headed to Colorado Springs on October 28 for State Cross Country. Not all made it to State,but luckily 3 runners made it in, which are Junior Courtney Jenson,  Senior Conner Kaufman, and  Senior Maggie Allen.

Leaving Wiggins High School with pride and excitement, the Cross Country team has positive emotions and try to win 15th place or higher at this year’s State Cross Country.  `Junior Courtney Jenson has prepared herself to win 15th place or even higher as this has been her first experience running at State.

At State, the boys started running at 12:30 and for the girls started at 2:30. For Jenson , she started her race at 2:30 and was challenged with a long path and multiple obstacles. The race started off on gravel and head towards multiple steep hills and rivers.  Through a barn and several turns throughout the path and back to the stadium,  Jenson was able to complete the race and placed 8th overall.

Courtney Jenson was able to reach her goal and be part of the top 15 at State. Even though her feet were on fire, it still motivated her to finish and accomplish her goal.

Senior Maggie Allen also participated in the race with Jenson and finished the race and placed 14th.

Senior Conner Kaufman was part of the boys race that started at 12:30 before the girls did. He  finished the race and placed 9th overall.

The Cross Country team  had a great season with an amazing finishes at State with their top 3 runners placing in the top 15.

Pages for People

Chloe Baker

Reading. It’s something that everyone should learn to love to do. Reading is what takes people to different worlds. Reading changes people. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without reading the books that I have. Reading may not be liked by very many people, but whenever you open up a book you are bound to learn something. I have read a multitude of books, and I have never read a book that I haven’t learned from.

The Fault In Our Stars: Even though it was a fictional book, it had so much truth in it. If it was just a sobby love story, I would’ve definitely stopped reading it. John Green added so much life in a story that was about death. This story was my favorite to read. In fact, I’ve read it about 6 times. The Fault In Our Stars has made me think harder than any other book I’ve ever read. Think about these two quotes then get back to me: “The marks humans leave are too often scars,” “Pain demands to be felt,” and “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

The entire Harry Potter series: The Harry Potter series is an amazing series filled with adventure. Many people could like this book if they were more open-minded. This series has many different twists and turns in it. This book teaches you to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. My all-time favorite quote from the series is in the last book. “Always.” It is a simple quote, but it is by far the best quote in the entire book. It may seem a little odd, but you need a little of back story to fully understand it.

Looking For Alaska: A lot of tragedy in a small book about life. The thing that interests me most in this book, is the fact that a single person can actually change your life. Everyone in life is trying to find their “Great Perhaps.” The “Great Perhaps” is what comes at the end. I know that is the worst explanation for a quote ever, but I promise you it’s a great book. So read it.

Reading may seem a little boring at first, but the world of reading is infinite. There are 31 or more different genres to choose from in the world of reading. I am sure if you are patient enough you will find one that you will like. Reading was never my thing, but when I read books with quotes in it that related to life and made me think, I was in love with them. If you want to learn about life, read a book, learning while reading doesn’t always mean you are reading out of a textbook. Pick up a book and learn a little. If it causes you pain; remember “pain demands to be felt.”