Pages for People

Chloe Baker

Reading. It’s something that everyone should learn to love to do. Reading is what takes people to different worlds. Reading changes people. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without reading the books that I have. Reading may not be liked by very many people, but whenever you open up a book you are bound to learn something. I have read a multitude of books, and I have never read a book that I haven’t learned from.

The Fault In Our Stars: Even though it was a fictional book, it had so much truth in it. If it was just a sobby love story, I would’ve definitely stopped reading it. John Green added so much life in a story that was about death. This story was my favorite to read. In fact, I’ve read it about 6 times. The Fault In Our Stars has made me think harder than any other book I’ve ever read. Think about these two quotes then get back to me: “The marks humans leave are too often scars,” “Pain demands to be felt,” and “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

The entire Harry Potter series: The Harry Potter series is an amazing series filled with adventure. Many people could like this book if they were more open-minded. This series has many different twists and turns in it. This book teaches you to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. My all-time favorite quote from the series is in the last book. “Always.” It is a simple quote, but it is by far the best quote in the entire book. It may seem a little odd, but you need a little of back story to fully understand it.

Looking For Alaska: A lot of tragedy in a small book about life. The thing that interests me most in this book, is the fact that a single person can actually change your life. Everyone in life is trying to find their “Great Perhaps.” The “Great Perhaps” is what comes at the end. I know that is the worst explanation for a quote ever, but I promise you it’s a great book. So read it.

Reading may seem a little boring at first, but the world of reading is infinite. There are 31 or more different genres to choose from in the world of reading. I am sure if you are patient enough you will find one that you will like. Reading was never my thing, but when I read books with quotes in it that related to life and made me think, I was in love with them. If you want to learn about life, read a book, learning while reading doesn’t always mean you are reading out of a textbook. Pick up a book and learn a little. If it causes you pain; remember “pain demands to be felt.”




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