Wiggins High School Stepping Into the Future

cal_0399With the new school being approved, teachers, students, coaches, and parents are looking forward to moving out of the existing buildings. They are also excited about all the new things that will come with a new school.

The teachers are looking forward to their new classrooms and all the new accessories that they will get. New projectors, computers, and smart boards will be added to most of the classrooms. The science room will become better equipped for experiments, and the art room and ag room will be set up to better serve the students.

After so many years of having a dirt track, the track team and coaches are looking forward to an an all-weather track, where they can now hold meets and more productive practices. With the track, they are also getting a jumping pit and throwers area. The wrestling team is looking forward to their new wrestling room, along with a new weight room with some new equipment.

Track coach Mario Garcia is looking forward to the better facilities as in the new training room, locker rooms, storage rooms, and especially being able to hold track meets with the new track.
Many students are excited for a new school, but most of them are just excited for the new amenities like working heaters that are to coming with it.

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