State Cross Country

The Wiggins Tigers headed to Colorado Springs on October 28 for State Cross Country. Not all made it to State,but luckily 3 runners made it in, which are Junior Courtney Jenson,  Senior Conner Kaufman, and  Senior Maggie Allen.

Leaving Wiggins High School with pride and excitement, the Cross Country team has positive emotions and try to win 15th place or higher at this year’s State Cross Country.  `Junior Courtney Jenson has prepared herself to win 15th place or even higher as this has been her first experience running at State.

At State, the boys started running at 12:30 and for the girls started at 2:30. For Jenson , she started her race at 2:30 and was challenged with a long path and multiple obstacles. The race started off on gravel and head towards multiple steep hills and rivers.  Through a barn and several turns throughout the path and back to the stadium,  Jenson was able to complete the race and placed 8th overall.

Courtney Jenson was able to reach her goal and be part of the top 15 at State. Even though her feet were on fire, it still motivated her to finish and accomplish her goal.

Senior Maggie Allen also participated in the race with Jenson and finished the race and placed 14th.

Senior Conner Kaufman was part of the boys race that started at 12:30 before the girls did. He  finished the race and placed 9th overall.

The Cross Country team  had a great season with an amazing finishes at State with their top 3 runners placing in the top 15.