Christmas Ideas for Your Guy

Christmas gifts for guys are hard. Some guys are open and honest with want they want, but then you have your indecisive guys who have no idea what they want. From personal experience, more guys are indecisive than honest. Even if you have ideas on what you want to get your guy, this guide will help you out more.

Your sporty guy:

If your boy spends more time on the court or field than he does at home, then he probably wants something sporty. A couple of good ideas for your sporty guy is to think about his favorite sports team. Maybe he wants something that relates or is of his favorite sports team. Shoes and socks are always a good way to go. Socks are sweet, and I have learned that a lot of guys like to show off their cool socks to their guy friends. Underarmour is a great brand that everyone finds warm and comfortable. Nike shoes and socks are always good, but Underarmour is the way to go when it comes to sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Your nerdy movies/books guy:

Not that your boy is automatically nerdy if he likes Happy Potter and Stars Wars and a lot of other things, but here are some ideas. If your boy likes nerdy books, he probably would like the movies, if they have a movie series on the book. If he likes the movies, then get him like a t-shirt based on the movie. Some movies like the DC and Marvel movies have comics and books based on each character, they may be interested in that.

Your classy guy:   

Some guy takes pride in what they wear and what they look like. Nike may seem like only a sporty place, but I promise you they have some really classy shoes that would look good with jeans and a nicer t-shirt. Most guys like watches. Your classy guy would probably really enjoy having a nice watch, not only for convience, but for style. You can also never go wrong with a button-up shirt. A pair of nice jeans are also a good gift for your guy.

Your outdoorsy guy:

Your outdoorsy guy may want some things to make his life easier. Bonoculars are a good gift if he goes hunting a lot. Coats, Colorado has some cold winters, so if you buy him a coat, he will be cozy and happy. Flashlights are good if he goes out at night. Warm clothes are essential for your guy.

Your the unrealalistic brat boy:

Your brat would probably love to have the new iPhone 7s, but make sure it is not just the 7 because he may be extremely mad at you. The hoverboard is a must for your child. Beware though, make sure that your boy is safe and get him a hoverbaord that isn’t going to blow up whenever he is on it. Drones are also something you could get your boy, even though it will be broken within a week, at least they can brag to all of their friends.

No matter what you get your guy, I am sure he will love it. He knows that you tried really hard picking out a good gift for him. Christmas is not all about the gifts you receive. It is so much more than that. Spend Christmas with the people that you love and care about.