Middle School Boys Basketball Win First Games

By Courtney Jenson

Eighth-grader Armon Cardona passes in the ball during the Tigers' game against Byers. The Tigers have won both their games this season.

Eighth-grader Armon Cardona passes in the ball during the Tigers’ game against Byers. The Tigers have won both their games so far this season.

Wiggins Middle School boys’ basketball started their season off strong with two wins in a row. The Tigers played Akron on Monday, October 19, and Byers Tuesday, October 27. The boys came out strong and finished strong in the Akron game, ending with a score of 58-6. Next, they played Byers at home, beating the Bulldogs 45-19.

According to eighth-grader Dillon Harshman, the team will be better than last year because they have more heart and talent. During the Akron game, Harshman led the team with the most points scored. Harshman said that their teamwork went well during the Akron game but they still have a lot to work on. “There is still a lot to improve on but it will get better,” said Harshman.

Eighth-grader Sheldon Risner focused on the team’s accomplishments. “We made a lot of shots and our free throws were good and our defense was also good,” said Risner. Jacob Jenson said that they had a lot of fast breaks and steals that led to their win.

With two wins already, Risner is confident. “ My plan this year is to go undefeated,”  he said. Against Byers, Risner led the team with the most baskets made, including seven out of eight free throws.

Harshman said that the Byers Bulldogs put more pressure on them than Akron did, but they still came out  strong in the end.

The boys play tonight at home against Merino for the league game, with the B team starting at 3 p.m.


Wiggins Middle School Wrestling Finishes Up the Year by Taking Three Kids to State

By Roxanne Bashor

The Wiggins Middle School wrestling team had a total of thirteen kids go out for wrestling this year. Of those thirteen, Logan Goddard, Marc Barkdoll, and Chayce Stanley made it to the State Competition that was held on April 3-4 in Denver.

Eighth-grader Barkdoll wrestled in the 100-pound weight class throughout the season. Barkdoll said that he enjoyed wrestling this year because they had a larger team that was able to be a lot more competitive. “It was fun being a leader and also improving my attitude and skill,” said Barkdoll.

Another eighth grader, who wrestled in the 220-pound weight class, is Stanley. He said that he improved pretty dramatically on everything that he learned, and he would definitely wrestle once he gets to high school. Stanley made it to the State Competition, where he wrestled better in his second match than his first, although he was unable to get a pin, he said.

One eighth-grader, Goddard, also wrestled at the State Competition in the 122-pound weight class. He said that State was his favorite part of the season, although it moved a lot faster than other tournaments that he had attended.

Coach Croissant said that he was very impressed by the group of kids he had this year because they were able to improve and become League Champions. “The kids learned what the sport is about and that is what is really important,” said Croissant.

Now that this year’s season is over, Croissant hopes for a team next year that is just as large and competitive as this year’s team.

Wiggins Middle School Basketball Girls Play First Home Games

By Roxanne Bashor

Sixth-grader Paige Boyer lines up her free throw shot during January 27's home game against Weldona. Since not enough seventh- and eighth-grade girls went out for basketball this year, sixth-grades like Boyer are playing.

Sixth-grader Paige Boyer lines up her free throw shot during January 27’s home game against Weldona. Since not enough seventh- and eighth-grade girls went out for basketball this year, sixth-grades like Boyer are playing.

The Wiggins Middle School girls have won two of their four home basketball games in the past two weeks, and they are now ranked second in their league. Both A and B teams won their games against Weldona and Caliche. Against Limon both teams lost, and the A, B, and C teams all lost against Merino.

Only the A and B teams have been playing at most of the home games, but they have been doing well, according to Coach Dale Dubbs. He is impressed with the girls that have been playing on the A team, along with many of the younger girls.

Eighth-grader Claire Boyer is playing her second year of basketball in middle school. “Staying out of foul trouble” is one thing that Dubbs has taught her this year, said Boyer. She also wants to get more accurate when making her three-point shots.

Another eighth-grader, Chloe Baker, is playing on A Team as a starter. She is really looking forward to the league tournament because she believes that the team can pull through and do well. She was influenced to play basketball by her dad, and has learned many important things already, said Baker.

This is seventh-grader Paige Finegan’s first year playing middle school basketball. She enjoys working with her teammates because everyone is getting along. After injuring her knee in one game, Finegan wants to work on “staying off of the ground.”

Since the team was short of a few girls this year, sixth-graders have been allowed to play, along with seventh and eighth-graders. As a first-year player, sixth-grader Paige Boyer has been playing with encouragement from her sister Claire. According to Paige, being on the team is easier with the support from her sister.

The Wiggins Middle School girls will play their next games in Akron on Monday, February 9.

Spelling Bee Spells Out Success

By Ellyna Van

Forty Wiggins Elementary and Middle School students participated in the local spelling bee on January 14, and twenty of those participants completed a week later in the district bee. Fifth-grader Allison Thomas and eighth-grader Jaggar Dinis won the local bee and later got to compete with each other in the district spelling bee.

The local spelling bee had two separate competitions held. The first spelling bee consisted of twenty students from fifth and sixth grade. An hour later, the second competition was held, consisting of seventh and eighth graders.Ten students from each competition got to move on to districts. “I was so happy to continue competing,” said sixth-grader Breanna Gilliland.

Dinis, eighth-graders Tanna Hansen and Brayden Lambert, seventh-grader Kayleigh Stebbins, Gilliland, and fifth-graders Emily Riggs, Laura Kopetzky, and Thomas will all be competing in at the 2015 Regional Spelling Bee.

“Before the spelling bee, I was really nervous, and after I was done, I was a little upset,” said Hansen. Hansen got second place in both the local and district spelling bees. “I was upset because I felt I had a really good chance of winning, but Jaggar beat me,” said Hansen. According to Hansen, to prepare for the upcoming spelling bees, she will use a dictionary and will work harder.

Sixth-graders Cole Kennedy and Jesus Narvaez and fifth-grader Austin Allen are the alternates and will be accompanying the top eight at regionals. According to the alternates, they would like to make it to regionals to compete next year. To improve on their spelling, all three agree they need to study harder. They also said they will study with a packet that was given to them and a dictionary.

The Regional Spelling Bee will be held on February 2, 2015, at the Brush Fairgrounds.

“Girl Talk”: The Transformation and Preparation of Young Girls’ Mind

By Lexi Ashbrook

Throughout the past two years, Wiggins Middle School has been implementing bully prevention programs in the 6th-grade class. The main reason it’s implemented in the 6th grade is because it’s a big that going from elementary school to middle school. There are a lot of new changes that the kids endure, especially the girls.

This year, the popular, effective program known as “Girl Talk” has been put in place for the 6th-grade girls. The girls meet every Friday at 1:00 and talk for a half hour about all sorts of situations girls endure at the ages of 11 and 12.

The program is put on by the SARA House located in Fort Morgan. Forensic Interviewer Mak Tibbetts is the facilitator of the program. She has been doing what she’s doing for fifteen years. She brought the program to the SARA House when her own daughter was in 6th grade and dealing with some personal issues of her own. Tibbetts said she enjoys helping the girls make better choices for their life in the future. “What the girls don’t realize is that the decisions they make now will directly affect their futures, so I’m trying to help them think about the best decisions they can,” said Tibbetts.

Among the 6th-grade girls, especially this year, there have been multiple cases of bullying. Principal Trent Kerr said the staff has been keeping a watchful eye as well as giving out detentions, warnings, and even suspensions to the girls who aren’t cooperating. “The punishment just isn’t doing anything and the same thing keeps happening, which is why we implemented ‘Girl Talk’,” said Kerr.

According to Kerr, the program is for talking about everyday situations the girls can encounter. They’ve talked about stress and family, and in the future they’ll talk about relationships, sex, and everything in between.

Paige Boyer is one of the girls in the 6th-grade class who have witnessed a lot of the bullying. She said she thinks that “Girl Talk” is necessary because many of the girls in her class are mean. “The girls have been mean to each other for the past two or three years,” said Boyer. According to Boyer, some of the girls in her class think they are better than everyone else and they don’t know how to get along with others. Boyer said she likes “Girl Talk” and she said she thinks it will be very beneficial to the girls in her class.

The staff at Wiggins Middle School hopes that “Girl Talk” will help the girls in the 6th grade with their relationships with one another

Middle School Girls’ Basketball Begins

By Ellyna Van

Wiggins Middle School girls’ basketball’s season starts tomorrow in Fort Morgan, with Dale Dubbs as the girls’ coach. With a lack of seventh-grade students participating in basketball, Dubbs is allowing sixth-grade students to play alongside the seventh- and eighth-graders. Eighteen middle school girls are playing basketball this year.

The main reason that the basketball team didn’t do as well as they hoped to do last year is because they didn’t have enough energy to continue with their game, according to the eighth-grade girls. Having more girls play this year will help the team throughout the season. With dedication and hard work, the eighth-grade girls agree that they have a high chance of winning.

Instead of this year’s sixth-graders having only two years with Dubbs as their coach, they will now have three. “Having the girls for three years instead of two will definitely be a plus when they finally get to high school,” said Dubbs.

The girls’ basketball team began practice on January 5th. “During practice all the girls are getting along well, which helps the team play better,” said sixth-grader Myra Vicchrilli. Vicchrilli said the upperclassmen are helping them with many things and supporting them throughout practice.

“The most important thing is that they develop and increase their love for basketball,” said Dubbs. His main goal is to prepare them to win the championship. Dubbs said the defense is “amazing,” and it will be exciting to watch the middle school girls play basketball this season.

The girls’ first game tomorrow begins at 4:00 p.m at Fort Morgan Middle School.